Monday, September 14, 2009

Monsoon Cafe in Jiyugaoka

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I've been to Jiyugaoka, maybe for the first time in three years. Jiyugaoka is the top-ranked residential area in Japan. There are many general stores and apparel stores around there. The newly opened apparel store called FREE'S MART was cool. It's a multi-brand store from L.A.! They have cute and cool clothes at reasonable prices. I didn't get anything on this day, but I'm sure I want to go back and get something one day!

We explored the town and had a dinner at Monsoon Cafe where you can enjoy food from Asian countries (Thai, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, etc...). It was a fashionable restaurant with an exotic atmosphere. I took a pic at the entrance. Their menu is reasonably priced and delicious, which was great! My boyfriend loved their green curry. It was raining hard at night but we were in a good mood, so we had a good time. Simple! He-he-he :D

We found an interesting restaurant dedicated to tomatoes: Celeb de Tomato. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C, jose! I wish we could go there the next time!

Today, the weather is super fine again! I think the beginning of fall is the best weather of the whole year ;)

Enjoy your day!

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