Monday, September 14, 2009

Monsoon Cafe in Jiyugaoka

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I've been to Jiyugaoka, maybe for the first time in three years. Jiyugaoka is the top-ranked residential area in Japan. There are many general stores and apparel stores around there. The newly opened apparel store called FREE'S MART was cool. It's a multi-brand store from L.A.! They have cute and cool clothes at reasonable prices. I didn't get anything on this day, but I'm sure I want to go back and get something one day!

We explored the town and had a dinner at Monsoon Cafe where you can enjoy food from Asian countries (Thai, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, etc...). It was a fashionable restaurant with an exotic atmosphere. I took a pic at the entrance. Their menu is reasonably priced and delicious, which was great! My boyfriend loved their green curry. It was raining hard at night but we were in a good mood, so we had a good time. Simple! He-he-he :D

We found an interesting restaurant dedicated to tomatoes: Celeb de Tomato. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C, jose! I wish we could go there the next time!

Today, the weather is super fine again! I think the beginning of fall is the best weather of the whole year ;)

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Ochi,

    I love green curry too..Thailand's green curry tasted sweet and spicy..

    You have a great weekend..Ochi..

    I knew tomatoes high in vitamin and great for skin.But I did not eat raw tomatoes..I only eat cook tomatoes..

  2. Kombanwa ochisan.
    You had another sweet moments together.

    even japanese tomatoes are very sweet,still i don't like to drink tomato juice.
    but i can eat a salad tomatoes.


  3. Hello Ochi,

    I still think you should become a restaurant critic for Japanese restaurants!

    I have to make some curry sometime,
    something different to dine on! I saved a good bit of my tomatoes, and I'm using them and freezing also.

    Did you know that tomatoes contain lycopene said to aid in prostate health! Feed to your honey! :)

  4. Hi jose,

    I like the one it tastes sweet and spicy. This was it!

    I used to hate eating tomatoes, but after knowing they are good for my skin, I loved them at any style!

    You know what!? I asked KAO, the difference between "liese" and "prettia". They said they launched the product overseas with the familiar brand name "liese" because "prettia" is not used for any product. Kind of confusing, right?!

    I need to check out your weekend update ;)

  5. Hi merce-san,

    Yes. I had a good time and hope I can from now on!!!

    Oops. I said to jose that I can eat them at any style, but not tomato juice!!! I hate it X(

  6. Ohayo jo,

    There are many Japanese people who can write much better than me but I'm glad you liked my post!!!

    Yes, I know!!! Antioxidant, right?!
    I was sorry to hear about the damage, but I envy you have your own tomatoes!!!
    I need to feed him and me, too ;)

  7. Ochi,


    What meant by not used by any product??I think we will never understand their company management..

  8. Hi jose,

    Maybe I lacked an explanation. I meant the name "prettia" is not used for any product launched overseas. KAO just wanted to use the familiar name, so they changed the product name.

    Anyway, I think they don't have to change the name... it sounds different and confusing, right?!


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