Thursday, December 3, 2020

Japanese BBQ Birthday Party 🎂 2020.11.14.

Nice and warm November weather. My dad (grandpa) decided to throw a birthday party for my kids: my daughter (11/29 6years) and my son (11/20 4 years). Every year we book a restaurant but for COVID-19 we didn't. I hope you learn something new about Japan from this video 😉

Shigaraki-Yaki Water Stove 信楽焼「水コンロ」

It is similar to Shichirin but you put water to avoid ash flying over your food.
You can use it on your table since it won't get too hot.

My dad is picky about the lava Yakiniku plate. hehe

BBQ was fun, so I looked for the water stove. It's in my shopping list 💕


Coleman Dutch Oven

Roast Chicken turned out very juicy yet tasty. Not at all flaky!!! Putting half-cooked rice in the chicken will end up cooking the perfect rice. My dad put too much charcoal and burnt the chicken. Please be careful 😅

I made sandwiches using the leftover chicken we brought back. It was AMAZING!!! This reccipe will help FYI 👍

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