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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer 2013 in SFO (Yosemite) & LA & NY

Every summer, my darling and I just go to New York. So, this year, we decided to be a bit adventurous and went to the west coast as well :) It was a very busy 10 nights (12 days) trip but we had a lot of fun!!!

Well… basically, we enjoyed eating out! So half of my diary will be about food. I know it is the same for everyone ;) hehe

Day 1 (6/28):

Unlike last year, we left home in the evening and used Narita airport. It was way better in this way! We left NRT at 5PM and arrived in SFO at 11AM.

As soon as we arrived in the city, we walked around the Ferry Building. We had an early dinner at The Plant Cafe. Their organic foods (photo here) were amazing! Plant burger patties are made in house from lentils, mushrooms, beets, cashews and bulgur wheat. Something we can never try in Japan.

Day 2 (6/29):

We had a breakfast at Starbucks. I always get granola yogurt (photo here) in the states because we don't have it in Japan! We left for Yosemite early in the morning at 8AM. We arrived in Yosemite at noon. What a nice tour, we had BENTO in nature XD My darling and I decided to rent a bike after lunch. It was a fun way to tour around the park. Then we had a dinner at Mountain Room Restaurant located at Yosemite Lodge at the Falls. I tried their Gluten-Free Vegan Quinoa and Lentil Burger (photo here). It was amazingly delicious and filling! After the dinner, we had a nice walk to see Yosemite fall which is about a mile from the lodge we stayed.

Day 3 (6/30):

We had a breakfast at Yosemite Lodge Food Court. It was so-so and expensive (photo here). We joined the Glacier Point Tour which departs at 8:30am. Our ticket was a round-trip but we decided to hike down the Panorama Trail (8.5 miles = 13.5 km) on our own. Well… hiking down was not that easy. The path was pretty steep. (I'm glad I bought trekking shoes!!!) It was scary when we met a deer on our way! LOL On this day, even though we were really tired, we went to have a dinner at Ahwahnee Dining Room. It was such a gorgeous restaurant. Their food was amazing and of course expensive (photo here). I thank to my darling for booking there :P

Day 4 (7/1):

We had a breakfast again at Yosemite Lodge Food Court because we had no choice! Then we enjoyed the Yosemite rafting for 2 hours. The personal flotation device smelled really bad, but the rafting was fun! LOL At 2:30PM we had to leave Yosemite. We arrived back in SFO at night. We had a quick dinner at King of Thai at Union Square where my viewer recommended. We had Chicken Satay (photo here), Pad Kee Maow (photo here), and Combination Beef Noodle Soup (photo here)! The restaurant was crowded but fast and really good :)

Day 5 (7/2):

On this day, we had to depart to LA at 3PM, so we decided to walk and shop around Mission district. However, the stores weren't open till noon… so we just had a breakfast at Dolores Park Cafe. Actually, BART was on strike, so we had to take SuperShuttle to the airport (pricey).

I didn't know anything about LA, so I booked Millennium Biltmore Hotel. However, the city was not like in Manhattan. Everything was too far away, like in Westchester County in New York where I used to live. Maybe next time, we will stay at a hotel near Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour Bus station. Then maybe we can at least do a sightseeing in a limited amount of time. For dinner, we went to Nickel Diner. They serve authentic diner foods (photo here)! My darling's stuffed chicken was pretty good!!!

Day 6 (7/3):

In the morning we had a breakfast at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. We found it popular than Starbucks in LA because we saw it everywhere!!! I liked their granola yogurt (photo here), too XD

We visited Tastemade (cooking network) and YouTube Space in LA, along with cookingwithdog, kazumeshi, and MarimoMarshmallow. We didn't have enough time, but we had a chance to make a small collaboration video together :)

At night, we walked around Santa Monica. Actually, I didn't shop that much because I knew everything was available in New York XD We had a dinner at Real Food Daily. Their organic vegan foods were amazing! Worth to try them!!! (photo here)

Day 7 (7/4):

We took a Rapid bus 720 from downtown to Beverly Hills, that runs along Wilshire Boulevard. I think it took over an hour including the waiting time O_O We had brunch at Coupa Café. Actually, I wanted to try the crepe dish at Jack N' Jill's but it was CLOSED… but Coupa Café was pretty good, too! Then we walked around Robertson… but we found nothing special and said it is better to walk in NY. LOL Our flight to NY was at 11PM, but we decided to go to the airport earlier to have a dinner there. We had a dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express. Their Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf was pretty good!!! We could view the Independence day fireworks from the airport :)

Day 8 (7/5):

We slept on the plane for 6 hours and arrived in NY in the morning. However, it was pretty tiring! We headed to the hotel, hoping our room is ready, but it wasn't… so, we walked around the city. It was over 100F (38C) on this day which made us even tired. But at least we knew the city very well, we felt at ease. hehe For brunch, we went to The Todd English Food Hall in The Plaza Food Hall. They have a collection of amazing foods in NYC (including Luke's Lobster!). What we decided to have is the Prime Rib Sliders. It was pretty big enough to share! Yummy :) We went back to the hotel and the room was ready. So, we had a nap for 4 hours. LOL Then we walked 20 blocks to have a dinner at a Korean restaurant called Cho Dang Gol. They are pretty popular among Japanese people in the city!

Day 9 (7/6):

Every year, we had a breakfast at Central Park (on the day of the proposal. hehe) but this year was so hot that we decided not to have a breakfast there. We had brunch at Norma's. Their waffle was amazing :) Nothing special but we shopped and walked around the city as usual. My favorite place to shop for the past few years is Juicy Couture!!! And of course DSW!!! In the evening, we walked around Bedford Avenue and found a nice shop called whisk! Their kitchen gadgets are fun and cute! We had a dinner at Peter Luger Steakhouse. OMG! Amazing indeed!!! Tasty, lean, worth the price!!!

Day 10 (7/7):

The amount of food in the states is satisfying, so our breakfast always becomes brunch. We had brunch at The Smith Restaurant at Lincoln Center. We just ordered what people next to us ordered and they were delicious! In addition, I ordered my favorite granola yogurt. Then the people next to us said that was a great choice. Yeah, it was pretty good!!! We walked the Upper West Side as usual. However many of the shops were closed and it wasn't that fun like before… It is interesting, that shops in NYC change every year. At least we can find new shops to enjoy, we never get bored, though! For snack, we tried Jamba Juice for the first time. Many people were walking around the city (rehydrating) with Jamba Juice, so we decided to drink it. Berry UpBEET was pretty good! But the original size was too big. LOL For dinner, we headed to downtown and found a restaurant called Rouge et Blanc. They serve fine French / Vietnamese dishes. Simply amazing!!! This restaurant is really off the beaten path. No tourists!

Day 11 (7/8):

Time to go home. We had a quick brunch at Europa cafe and I did a last-minute shopping at Crate and Barrel in Midtown and Sur La Table in Soho. They both are my favorite shops. Cute, clean, and affordable!

Our return flight was suppose to be UA but it changed to ANA! Lucky us! The meals and movies are better ;)

Thanks for reading! Next year, I am thinking of going to the Prince Edward Island and of course NYC. I heard the place is beautiful. What do you think!? XD

More Pics on INSTAGRAM :)

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

10 Years Since I Met My Darling :)

6/7 is the day we met.

My darling gave me a marine set from LUSH. How sweet =)

We always eat out on Saturdays, so our anniversary dinner was on the weekend. hehe

I put the pic on the fridge :)
Photo taken at the restaurant called "Yu-Fu-Da-Chi" in Shinjyuku.
It was an amazing Kyoto Obanzai restaurant!!!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Breeze of Tokyo

8/11 was 9th anniversary since my darling and I dated for the first time. I know it is not that big day, but it is a great day for me to think how much I love him since then. hehe

I think I love him more than at that time XD

Breeze of Tokyo is a contemporary French cuisine Restaurant in Marunouchi. My darling said we can order a prix-fixe menu for our anniversary. I think it was after a long while. Yay!!!

Their food was amazing yet healthy :)

Vegetable Amuse

Brittany lobster and scallop served with organic vegetables, Greek style

I cannot eat "French foie gras" so they made me a conger eel tempura :)

Kitaakari potatoes vichyssoise with tartar abalone and sea urchin flavored ciboulette
北あかりのビシソワーズ シブレットの香るアワビと雲丹のタルタル添え

Grilled sweetfish with fragrant water-pepper miso and cucumber chiffonnade
鮎のグリエ 香ばしい蓼味噌 加賀太きゅうりのシフォナート

Tomato granite

Char-grilled Japanese beef served with seasonal vegetables, bourguignon style with sansho and sake kasu flavored red wine sauce
和牛の炭火焼き 季節のお野菜のブルギニョン風と山葵と酒粕の豊潤な赤ワインソース

Yamanashi white peach and fresh herb jelly “Mariage” toppoed with coconut sherbet
山梨県産白桃とフレッシュハーブジュレのマリアージュ ココナッツのソルべ

How often do you go to a fine restaurant?!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer 2012 in New York

Time flies when we're having fun!!! Again, we've been to NY for 6 days this year. We didn't do anything special but walked around the city and tried many different kinds of foods from around the world. Surprisingly, the city is changing every year so we find new shops and restaurants every time we visit!!! That is why we never get bored visiting NY and we LOVE NY :)

Day 1 (7/1):

It was our first time to use Haneda airport because Narita was too expensive this year. However, if you use Haneda, the departure time to NY is 6AM, therefore you must sleep overnight at the airport (or find a hotel near the airport) to check in at 4AM, which is pretty tiring… Instead, you can arrive in NY early in the morning (6AM). As soon as we arrived in the city, we had brunch at Prune (there was a 45min line but worth the wait!). Then we walked around SoHo. My favorite shop there is Sur La Table! For dinner, we've been to our place of memories (Rink Bar and Cafe) where we first dated together :)

Day2 (7/2):

We shopped around Union Square in the morning and had brunch at Gustorganics. Then we bought many shoes at DSW. Sometimes we can't find any shoes we like, but this year they had a good selection of shoes. We walked around Little Italy to find Zeppole, but we couldn't find it… China town was too crowded to walk, so we headed back to uptown. We had a great Brazilian food at Casa Restaurant for dinner.

Day 3 (7/3):

Pret A Manger is one of my favorite cafe to have a breakfast. I feel very healthy eating their food. At noon, we met my friends from college. Then shopped around 5th Avenue (very standard but fun). However it was high 90s and the heat made us so tired that we don't remember how many times we went back to the hotel to have a nap for the first few days. LOL For dinner, we went to Mercadito Grove. Their tacos were authentic!!!

Day 4 (7/4):

We had American breakfast at Peels. Then we walked down Upper West Side from 96th :) There are many interesting shops there, so we love to walk there. Shops closed early on the Independence Day, so we had early dinner at Thailand Cafe. We walked back (40 blocks) to our hotel. We used to do that after dinner when we lived in NY. hehe It was very hot outside, so we decided to see the fireworks on TV. How lazy. But our purpose of this trip is to spend a relaxing time, so that was a great idea!

Day 5 (7/5):

We had brunch at Cafe Select. They serve Swiss foods. We tried Polenta with eggs. Very interesting (actually I once received a request for this recipe). Then we walked around Williamsburg. Nothing special but hot. haha For snack, we shared a famous lobster roll (30 bucks) at Mary's Fish Camp. It was really good. While writing this, I just remembered that I forgot to buy a can of lobster during the stay. dumb… We had dinner at Market Table. Very cozy and relaxing restaurant! I wrote a message on their notebook. I hope you can find mine. hehe

Day 6 (7/6):

Of course, we went to The Pond of Central Park where my darling proposed me 3 years ago :) We bought sandwiches and had a breakfast outside. Then we had a walk in the Central Park. There were many expensive shops on Madison Avenue. Nothing was affordable but we had a coffee break at Nespresso. In the evening, my darling said he wants to drink Apple Cider at Union Square. I don't know why he said that in the last minute, but luckily it was available! whew… We had our last dinner at Smorgas Chef Restaurant (Scandinavian Restaurant). Their famous meatballs were great!!!

Day 7 (7/7):

Our flight was in the evening, so We had brunch at Hudson clearwater and walked around the city before we left at 3PM. The flight time was at 7PM, so we had a good sleep on the plane.

Sorry for my lousy typing…
I wrote mostly about the restaurants we tried, because I know eating delicious food is the most important thing, and it makes you happy during the stay. I think our selection of restaurants was EXCELLENT!!! I will link to their websites, so I hope you find them informative.

Of course, more random pictures are on my Instagram

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Monday, December 12, 2011

My Birthday Dinner @ Asao Garden

On Saturday, my darling took me to a French restaurant called Asao Garden. It was a restaurant with a pool terrace and was very romantic :D

Their foods were all light, healthy and delicious. I think my darling is really good at selecting a restaurant I like X)

Buckwheat Crepe with Smoked Salmon

Potato Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce

Grilled Sea Bream with Broccoli Sauce

Chocolate Brownie

Mini Birthday Cake

My darling used a birthday coupon, so it wasn't expensive ;)
I love birthday services! hehe

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SuraBaya - Indonesian Restaurant

Last Saturday, my darling and I had a pretty good Indonesian food at a restaurant called SuraBaya!!! Actually, the restaurant was unexpectedly expensive... haha

We ordered their popular dishes!!!
Are they popular in Indonesia as well?!
(Are they expensive?! LoL)

GADO-GADO - Steamed vegetables with peanut sauce.

SATE CAMPUR - Mixed satay.
This was pretty expensive and cost about 20 bucks but in small portions... Anyways they taste really great, or I won't make a post! You know!? LoL

LUMPIA GORENG - Fried spring roll with coriander flavor.

NASI GORENG SPECIAL - Fried rice with fried egg.

We regret that their coupon (10% OFF) didn't support smartphones...

We had a good time, though.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary at TATSUYA KAWAGOE Restaurant

Tatsuya Kawagoe is a very popular celebrity Italian chef in Japan. He has an Italian restaurant called TATSUYA KAWAGOE (タツヤ・カワゴエ) in Daikanyama which is reserved for three months in advance!!! So 3 months ago, I called the restaurant and made a dinner reservation! However, a month later, my darling was invited to his friend's wedding on our anniversary day, so I was pretty shocked that we have to cancel it… but fortunately, they changed our dinner reservation to lunch reservation, so we could celebrate our anniversary there today on 10/10. (Our wedding post is HERE.)

Did I expect too much!? LoL
The restaurant was normal. The food they serve was not as fancy as I've heard. Only the thing I could say is they use pretty good ingredients. So I would give 5 stars for the ingredients but for the creativity, maybe 2 stars…

And the waiter was weird… the lady next to us went to the restroom and she didn't come back for maybe 5 minutes. There was only one restroom at this restaurant, so of course other people were waiting. The waiter then asked the other lady at the same table if her companion is okay at the restroom… Unbelievable Question! Of course I said to my darling that I will go to the restroom later at the station… I think the restaurant was pretty uncomfortable with too many waiters watching us!!!

I pretty much understand that Tatsuya Kawagoe once said he wants to close the restaurant… it is worth to pay for the ingredients but not worth to wait for 3 months!

Anyways, those who read my blog might already know but we filed our marriage paper on November 22nd, 2009! So the next anniversary is coming soon!!! I think I should ask my darling to decide the restaurant since he is much better at selecting cozy restaurant!!!

Below are the dishes we had today ;D

Whoa! They use the cup I have. hehe

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