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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday🎉 (Easy and Kawaii Birthday Cake Decorating Idea for my Baby Boy) - Video Recipe

I used this cake kit:
Pigeon Microwave Cake Kit ピジョン 1才からのレンジでケーキセット

I used this fruit jelly:
Kewpie Tomato and Apple キューピー トマトとりんご

I used these baby cookie bars:
Wakodo Baby Cookie Bars 和光堂 赤ちゃんのおやつ+Caカルシウムクッキー

FYI: Strawberry Shortcake from scratch (ショートケーキの作り方)

Birthday Cake for my Baby Boy

Difficulty: Very Easy
Time: 1hr
Number of servings: 4

What You Need:
Pigeon Microwave Cake Kit
100ml milk or soy milk
fruit jelly (I used Kewpie Tomato and Apple)
Wakodo baby cookie bars
toppings of your choice

((Sponge Cake))
1. Place 50ml milk and the cake mix in the cake pan, and mix with a spoon for a minute. *do not over-mix
2. Drop the pan lightly on the counter for about 5 times to raise the air bubbles out of the batter.
3. Microwave at 500w for 1 min 40 sec OR 600w for 1 min 30 sec. *do not cover
4. Remove from the pan and place it on a wire rack. Cover with plastic wrap then cool.
1. When the cake is completely cool, slice crosswise into 2 layers.
2. In a bowl, place 50ml milk and whipped cream mix. Mix for about 2-3 minutes until it forms a stiff peak. *do not use an electric mixer
3. Place one layer of the sponge cake on a plate. Coat the surface of the sponge cake evenly with the cream. Place fruit jelly over the creamed surface. Place another layer of sponge cake, and frost top with the cream.
4. Attach the cookie bars around the cake then tie securely with a ribbon. Decorate with a candle and etc…

You can keep the cake in the fridge. Please eat it within a day :)


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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pregnant Belly Painting for our Son (Oct. 14th 2016, 31 weeks 4 days) 授かりアート ベリーペイント (息子)

Sazukari Art Belly Painting by Maeda Kazumi
授かりアート ベリーペイント 前田かずみ

Photo Studio Leaf

Belly Painting for our Daughter (30 weeks 5 days) 授かりアート 娘の時

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Neko Cup Cookies (Teatime with Cat from Karuizawa) - OCHIKERON - CREATE EAT HAPPY

Karuizawa town in Nagano prefecture is one of the most famous resort destinations in Japan to have a holiday home :) An hour away from Tokyo by bullet train, the place is full of nature with lots of local goodies. Many restaurants serve dishes filled with local vegetables. Definitely a recommended place to stay!!!

What I bought as a souvenir is a box of "Neko Cup": adorable fun cookies (1 box 12 pieces) which you can hang off the edge of the cup :3 Later I noticed that it is available at any souvenir shop nationwide... anyways adorable ;P hehe

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Okuizome (100th Day Baby Celebration) お食い初め

Okuizome (the first meal) is one of the traditional celebration events for Japanese babies. It is a tradition that babies are made to pretend to eat their first meal on the 100th day to wish they will have enough food throughout their lives.

March 8th was my daughter's 100th day after birth :)

Ozen (a set of small dishes) is served on this day:

鯛の塩焼き Tai: salt-grilled red sea bream
赤飯 Sekihan: red bean rice
はまぐりのお吸い物 common orient clam clear soup
煮物 simmered dish
香の物 pickled vegetables
紅白もち mochi in red and white (the lucky color combination)
歯固め石/梅干し stone/pickled plum (to ensure the growth of healthy strong teeth, also the head)

My mom bought the dishes for my daughter.
She bought them at 河善陶器 (Kawazentouki) at 錦市場 (Nishiki Market) in Kyoto.

--- after 2 years ---

On 2/25/2017, we did our son's Okuizome. 97 days after birth :) Time flies!!!


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Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

4th Wedding Anniversary

10/10 is our 4th wedding anniversary. My darling's company allows to take an anniversary leave, so he took a day off yesterday (10/9) when we both have time! (As you know, I need to edit video on FRI. haha)

We decided to go to TOKYO SKYTREE since we haven't been there yet!!! Of course we went up to Tembo Galleria (Highest reachable point: 451.2m). It wasn't that crowded but the estimated waiting time was about 5-15min. Not bad, but I bet there will be more people on the weekends.

SKYTREE printed on the tickets for Tembo Deck and Galleria.

Halloween photo booth on Tembo Deck.

We enjoyed shopping at Solamachi and had dinner at 食幹 (Shokkan - Japanese Restaurant) on the 30th floor. The night view from the restaurant was beautiful and their dishes were amazing. You must try out their Donabe Paella ;)

Our wedding posts back in 2010:

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Karuizawa (軽井沢)

DAY 1:

We took Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) from Tokyo station to 軽井沢 (Karuizawa). GranSta at Tokyo station is a perfect place to get Bento. My darling bought Sukiyaki Bento at 浅草今半 (Asakusa Imahan) and I bought a healthy organic Bento at ぎんざ泥武士 (Ginza Dorobushi)!

When we arrived at Karuizawa, there was a brief sprinkle and the heavy rain was expected… but glad it didn't hit the area we stayed! We strolled around Karuizawa Ginza then had a cozy coffee time at Mikado Coffee (btw their coffee ice cream is very popular). For dinner we booked レストラン酢重正之 (Restaurant Suju Masayuki). All of their dishes are simple yet delicious. For example their white rice and grilled fish were amazingly delicious. So, if you like typical Japanese food, you must dine out here ;)

DAY 2:

There are many nice and cozy cafes and restaurants in Karuizawa. We found a cafe called Natural Cafeína near our hotel to eat breakfast. Their Açaí bowl is served with Karuizawa's seasonal fruits! Yummy!!! Then we spent a whole day at the Outlet (Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza). It was such a fine autumn weather. Everyone was enjoying shopping and having fun in the yard~ we of course had a lunch outside :3 Actually, I didn't buy anything special but it was already 6pm when I realized! Time flies!!! For dinner, we had Tempura Soba at 川上庵 (Kawakami An). My mom recommended this restaurant. It was really good X)

DAY 3:

The weather on the last day was perfect, too! We had a breakfast at 沢村 (Sawamura) in Hoshino Area. Their morning plate is satisfying. After the breakfast you can enjoy shopping and walking around the area. I would definitely recommend going to 石の教会 (Stone Church)! It is an artistic church with a beautiful stone path. Obviously many people have a wedding here!!!

Another great place to visit is 軽井沢千住博美術館 (Hiroshi Senju Museum). You can enjoy the artwork and the space. Very relaxing and cozy. My darling and I were stuck at the fall room, sitting down and talking for a while. If you go there, you will know what I mean. haha

Our return train was at 16:24. I was going to shop souvenirs at the station but there was a huge traffic jam on the way back from the museum, so I ran out of time… Anyways, I bought at least one for a giveaway at the hotel when we checked out ;)

I would definitely go back to Karuizawa again with my child :)


りんご乙女 (Ringo Otome) - Apple Senbei Crackers:

If you live in Japan, you can get it at Rakuten:

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hakone 2

Last time, 2 days were not enough to enjoy Hakone, so we decided to stay 3 days this time :) Of course, we bought Hakone Freepass valid for 3 days (allows you to get on and off freely within a specified area, as well as providing discount admission to various attractions in the area, and also includes return transportation on the Odakyu Line)!!!.

DAY 1:

We took Romancecar to Hakone Yumoto (箱根湯本) from Shinjyuku. Since it was during the Bon vacation (8/13-8/17 this year) the train was fully booked!!! My favorite Bento is なだ万 (Nadaman). You can get this Bento at Odakyu department store!

I didn't want to push myself to go far on the first day, so we decided to stay close to the hotel (Harvest) and visited Hakone Venetian Glass Museum (箱根ガラスの森美術館) which is 5 minutes away from the hotel! If you like glittering and sparkling stuff, you will enjoy this place!!! The path to the museum was really pretty, crystals glitter in the sunshine :3 There are several workshops where you can make your souvenir. I can't wait to go back here with my child! hehe

We ended the day having early dinner at the hotel, and enjoyed swimming at the pool. It was a relaxing day~ no housework! haha

DAY 2:

We decided to use the Freepass effectively XD We took Hakone Tozan Cable Car (箱根登山ケーブルカー) and Hakone Ropeway (箱根ロープウェイ) from Gora (強羅) to Owakudani (大湧谷) where you can get black eggs (a local specialty of eggs hard-boiled in the hot springs). Eating one egg is said to add seven years to your life!!! One bag comes with 5 eggs, and they last for 2 days. My darling had 2 eggs and I had 1 egg at Owakudani. Then we had one each on the way back to home on the next day~. We are going to live long for our child!!! haha

Then we enjoyed the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise (箱根海賊船) on Lake Ashi, and had lunch at Moto Hakone-ko (元箱根港). Shinsho Soba (深生そば) is a must visit restaurant!!! Their Tempura is very crisp and shrimp is amazingly huge and delicious. I will definitely come here again!!!

We took Hakone Tozan Bus (箱根登山バス) to go back to Gora (強羅). It was a great shortcut and took only 30 minutes!!!

For dinner, we found a famous Kamameshi (釜飯) restaurant called Kamaya (かま家) near the hotel. Kamameshi is a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot called Kama. Their Kamameshi was simple yet delicious XD It is better to call them and ask them to make Kamameshi before you visit or you must wait 40 minutes until cooked (of course we did call them! hehe). I think I want to go back here again as well!!!

Early dinner is always good because we could again enjoy swimming in the evening before taking a bath in hot spring ;) I am happy that I could wear my maternity swimsuit two days in a row. LOL

DAY 3:

We first visited Gora Park (強羅公園). No admission fee is required if you have the Freepass :) There are many workshops but they were all fully booked at around 10AM. I think we must line up before the park opens! Anyways, next time with our child! hehe

Then we headed to Hakone Open-Air Museum (箱根彫刻の森美術館). It was such a great place to spend quality time with your family!!! 2 hours were not enough. I think we need a day to fully enjoy the place! We had a quick lunch at Gallery Cafe. Their snacks are very fine and delicious.

Our return train was at 17:18 from Hakone Yumoto (箱根湯本). Time flies~ I wish we could stay longer!!!

BTW, you can enjoy collecting stamps during a specific period of time like in summer, and you can get a gift (this time 2 Anime file folders), so you don't want to miss it, too! hehe


Onsen Manjyu (温泉まんじゅう) @ Hotel: brown soft steamed bun filled with Azuki bean paste.

Ariheitou (有平糖) @ Owakudani: healthy sugar candies (peanuts, black soy beans, and black sesame seeds)

Earrings @ Hakone Venetian Glass Museum: my darling bought me XD

Ring @ Gora Park: 300yen!!!

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Sunday, May 4, 2014


At first, we didn't have any plan for Golden Week holidays (a large consecutive holiday in May containing public holidays). When everyone is off, usually most places are packed and expensive. However, my mom happened to give us an accommodation coupon for one night at Hotel Harvest Hakone Koshien (ホテルハーヴェスト 箱根甲子園). So, we decided to go to Hakone =) yay!!!

Day 1:

We took Romancecar to Hakone Yumoto (箱根湯本) from Seijyogakuenmae (成城学園前), which is 2 stops away from our closest station. There is only one departure time (10:40) in the morning from Seijyogakuenmae but we thought that is more convenient than taking a train from Shinjyuku station.

It takes about 40min to Gora (強羅) from Hakone Yumoto by Hakone Tozan Railway (箱根登山鉄道). Worth to wait the next train if you think you cannot get a seat... we jumped on the train and it was a pain in the neck standing long...

We had lunch at Yamaji (山路) in Gora. The restaurant is famous for their Oyakodon, Katsudon, and Soba noodles =) I had Tororo Soba.

It was bit cold and raining in the afternoon, so we decided not to go far and headed to the hotel. Believe it or not, we had a nap for 2 hours. LOL

Before dinner, we enjoyed Ashiyu (足湯), foot bath! We decided to have a dinner at the hotel because there was nothing around the hotel. All-you-can-eat buffet was surprisingly good. We thought we wanna visit here again. hehe

After dinner, we enjoyed the hot spring.

Day 2:

Of course in the morning, we enjoyed the hot spring. The hotel breakfast was great, too!!!

Then we headed to Gotemba Premium Outlets! What a splendid day! The weather was really nice and perfect for shopping XD

Our return train was at 17:04 from Hakone Yumoto (again because the train that makes stop at Seijogakuenmae is limited), so we decided to leave the outlet at 2PM. Obviously, 3 hours was not enough for me to shop, so we missed our lunch…

On the way back from Gora, we waited for the next train to get a front seat =) I strongly recommend you to get a seat, otherwise, it is very boring and tiring. lol

We bought Bento and Kamaboko (fish cake is very popular in Hakone) for our dinner on the train. We didn't go many places this time, because we didn't get Hakone Freepass: allows you to get on and off freely within a specified area, as well as providing discount admission to various attractions in the area, and also includes return transportation on the Odakyu Line... but maybe next time!!!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Last weekend was a 3-day weekend, so my darling and I went to Kobe to visit my grandma to make Ikanago no Kugini (my favorite dish) together!!!

Ikanago no Kugini is a specialty in Hyogo prefecture. It can be cooked and eaten during a specific period of time around March. Thanks to the holiday, I could finally visit my grandma!!!

Day 1:

We took Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) from Shinagawa (Tokyo) at 6:27AM. We bought Ekiben (bento box sold at the railway station) for our breakfast. As soon as we arrived at 9:08, we strolled around 三宮 (Sannomiya) 元町 (Motomachi) China town and the bay area (Kobe Port Tower and Kobe Harborland umie). Obviously it was so early that most stores were still not open till 11AM. LOL We had lunch at Frantz (famous for magic pot pudding, if you know). The harbor view from the restaurant was amazing. Then we walked all the way back to 三宮 (Sannomiya). In the shopping street, you can find 生田神社 (Ikuta shrine), the god of marriage and longevity. For dinner, we happened to find a real good and inexpensive restaurant called 鹿鳴茶流 (Rokumei saryu). They use deer meat for their dishes. They were amazingly healthy and delicious!!! We stayed at the hotel called Crowne Plaza ANA Kobe. Very convenient next door to Shin-Kobe rail station. The hotel overlooks the city of Kobe.

Day 2:

My grandma lives 1 hour away from Shin-Kobe station. I visited her with my darling to make Ikanago no Kugini :) Hopefully, I will make a video of it soon!!! We had a real good bento lunch box together. Those plates are printed on the bento box, so you cannot remove them. hehe

Day 3:

We went to the Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens next to the hotel, and took a ropeway up to the mountain top! You can enjoy the panoramic view of Kobe. Also, you can enjoy herb dining buffet there! In the afternoon, we walked around Kitano area where there are many Ijinkan (foreign residences). The train back to Tokyo was at 19:46. We bought Ekiben at 淡路屋 (Awajiya). Their beef bowl bento is famous. We arrived back to Tokyo at 22:26.

I miss my oba-chan (grandma)!!! I remember I visited Harborland and Ijinkan with her many many years ago. Time flies. But she hasn't changed since my childhood. I will visit her again someday soon :)

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