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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Souvenirs from Kinugawa Onsen

On the weekend, my family and I went to Kinugawa Onsen to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday!!!

Kinugawa Onsen (鬼怒川温泉) is a popular hot spring resort in the city of Nikkō, Tochigi, Japan. It is located 2 hours by train from Tokyo. BTW, Bento on the train is nice! We always get it at a department store. Not Ekiben! hehe

Not many but there are some amusements such as Tobu World Square (東武ワールドスクエア) and Nikko Edomura (日光江戸村) theme parks.

Here are some souvenirs from the places we went!!!

Tobu World Square (東武ワールドスクエア):
A theme park with more than 100 famous sites from around the world, in 1/25th of the original sizes. You can also enjoy nighttime illumination from 12/1-3/2. It is freezing cold though. haha

Tom and Maimu Colorful Print Cookies (カラフルプリントクッキー)

Kinugawa Confectionery Castle (鬼怒川お菓子の城):
You can taste and buy all sorts of popular Wagashi (traditional Japanese confections) from Kinugawa. It is not a castle-like place, but they have great freshly made sweets!

Top 5
#1 ごま・胡麻クッキー (Sesame Seed Cookies)
#2 胡麻まんじゅう (Sesame Seed Manjyu)
#3 かりんとうまんじゅう (Deep-Fried Brown Sugar Manjyu)
#4 チーズケーキ (Cheesecake)
#5 塩羊羹 (Salty Yokan)

Nikko Hanaichi-Monme (日光花いちもんめ):
Begonias and more than 600 varieties of flowers are full in bloom all year round. You can also enjoy strawberry picking! I found a Hello Kitty strawberry XD

Strawberry Curry (いちごのカレー) *you can find at any souvenir shop

Tasty Salt for Boiled Egg (ゆでたまごの塩) *you can find at any souvenir shop
マヨネーズ (mayonnaise), 醤油 (soy sauce), 抹茶 (Matcha green tea), ゆず (Yuzu Japanese lemon) and さくら (Sakura cherry blossom).
It goes great with Tempura, fries, salad, meat, fish, rice, pasta, sweets, etc...

Tochigi is known for strawberries. Most souvenirs are in PINK :)

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy and Healthy New Year for everyone!!!

YES! I already made videos for some of the dishes ;)

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

1981 台北藝術照 (1981 Taipei)

The photo album arrived!
(actually, it arrived last week on 12/11)

Well... I think the quality of the album is so so...
And, I liked the photos before the retouch, because I feel I am fake. lol

But our skin is flawless and nice, though. hehehe

Anyways, worth a try!!!

Before the retouch pics are here and on my Instagram or Facebook page.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

My Birthday 2013

12/9 is my birthday :)

We are both busy on Mondays, so my darling took me out for a birthday dinner on Saturday♥

He was so kind that he chose a Washoku restaurant since after the news. hehe

金森 (Kanamori) @ Shibuya
Their fish especially sashimi was really good :)

And a surprise gift :)

He gave me a Panasonic Eye Steaming Massager (model: EH-SW01-P).
I always wanted to use this after editing videos! He knows me ;)

Today, I thank my mom for giving me this life, too.
Things not always go the way I want, but I am lucky to meet my darling in my life. hehe

Well... I have to go to the hula dancing class this morning. Then start shooting the next videos in the evening.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

A Day with Google in Taiwan

The "A Day with Google" event is designed to show how Google can be an intelligent personal assistant, making everyday life simpler for people.

The event was set in a venue modeled like a house, with rooms dedicated to different Google products.

I was asked to make sushi rolls and demonstrate mobile tools in the kitchen room that people can use to make cooking a bit easier.

My darling took this 360 degree photo with his gadget (RICOH THETA). Cool!!!

Google was nice, they let me take my darling to Taiwan (though I had to pay for his flight). It was my fist time talking in front of the journalists, so I was very nervous until the event day. But I thank to my darling for coming with me, we could fully enjoy Taiwan together in our free time, not thinking too much about the presentation :)

DAY1 (11/17):

We bought Bento for our lunch at なだ万 (Nadaman) in Shinjyuku, on the way to the Narita airport. We arrived in Narita on time, and everything seemed fine, but our flight delayed due to unexpected mechanical failure… We suppose to arrive in Taipei at 21:50PM but we arrived at 1:30AM… We reached our hotel (Palais De Chine) at 2:30AM… went to bed at 3AM…

DAY2 (11/18):

We just had an hour sleep, took shower early in the morning, then attended the rehearsal at 華山1914文化創意產業園區 (Huashan 1914 Creative Park) from 8AM-9:30AM. Then we had free time till 4PM, so we took train and walked around the city. I bought pineapple cakes at 犁記餅店 (Taipei Leechi) and 李製餅家 (Li zhi Bing Jia), where they are famous for their pineapple cakes. We had a lunch set at 徳也茶喫 (Deye Tea House). Their dishes are cooked with tea and tasted very mild and healthy. The rehearsal in the afternoon was about an hour, so we were free again. Actually, an hour rehearsal was not enough BUT to break the ice, I thought I shouldn't practice too much… We had dinner at 梅子餐廰 (Umeko Restaurant). Their 蟳仔米糕 (sticky rice with crab) was amazing!!!

DAY3 (11/19):

We arrived at the venue at 8AM to prepare the rice for sushi. My demo session started from 10AM-13PM, making sushi and talked about my channel and the mobile tools for each 8 groups of journalists. Thanks to Marty (from Google Taiwan), he was kind enough to support me. I am not good at talking in front of people, so I don't think I could do this without him. There were few interviews with journalists in the afternoon. It was a great opportunity to share my artist's statement =)

After the event, my darling and I were free again. So, we went to have dinner at 鼎泰豐 (Din Tai Fung). The restaurant was fast, clean, cheap, and delicious! I loved their 小籠包 (Xiaolongbao soup dumplings). We also had 酸辣湯 (hot and sour soup)!

DAY4 (11/20):

On the last day, we went to the photo studio called 1981台北 (1981 Taipei). In Taiwan, there are many photo studios where you can transform yourself into a beautiful person.

The photographer and the makeup artist were amazing. (I took photo with them!!!) We had to choose 18 pics out from 84 but I couldn't choose which photos to get! (The price changes depending on how many pics you want.)

These images here are without the retouch. I asked the studio to give me the original data because I cannot wait for a month! They gonna send me the retouched photos (which makes your skin smooth, your face smaller, etc…) and the album next month! I can't wait to see them XD

People in Taiwan were very kind and friendly. I think I want to visit Taiwan again! This time, we didn't have time to go to the night markets and Taiwanese shampoo, so maybe next time! hehe

Articles after the event:
CNET Japan
Hong Kong newspaper
Singapore article
Voice TV Thailand

A Day with Google in Taiwan - behind the scenes

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Friday, November 22, 2013

4th Marriage Anniversary

Today is our 4th marriage anniversary, the day we filed our marriage paper!!!

I am editing the next video, so nothing special. haha

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Friday, October 18, 2013


It was a three-day weekend, so my darling and I have been to Hikone (my darling's hometown) and Kyoto.

I will make a very quick post about amazing meals we had + places we visited!!!

We took Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) from Shinagawa (Tokyo). Ekiben (bento box sold at the railway station) is always one of our pleasures of a trip. (IMG 1 and 2) We stopped by at Hikone on the first day. We had Soba noodles for dinner. (IMG 4) My darling's dad made breakfast for us the next morning. (IMG 3) He is a great cook so mom doesn't have to cook. hehe

Early in the morning, we headed to Kyoto. We have been to Kyoto back in 2009 and did a major sightseeing, so this time we decided to walk around and visit temples and shrines nearby.

We checked in at a Ryokan (Japanese style inn) called 日昇別荘 (Nissho-besso). It is located in the middle of the shopping street but the rooms are quite big and very cozy! Believe it or not, our room was way too big for 2 people. hehe (IMG 1 and 2)

At noon, we headed to 嵐山 (Arashiyama). We had Yudoufu (hot Tofu) course meal lunch at 竹むら (Takemura). They use 森嘉 (Morika - a famous Tofu shop)'s Tofu. We loved their Tempura, too! If you like Tofu, you must visit there once ;) (IMG 3 and 4)

After the lunch, we crossed 渡月橋 (Togetsukyo bridge) (IMG 3) then visited 法輪寺 (Horinji temple) famous for successful career, and 電電宮 (Dendengu shrine) the god of electronics, located on the grounds of the Horinji. You can make a wish for not breaking your iPhone for example. hehe Walking through Arashiyama's famous bamboo groves (IMG 2), you will get to 御髪神社 (Mikami-jinja shrine) shrine for healthy hair - one and only one shrine for that in Japan! I bought a comb shaped amulet there :) so cute♥ (IMG 1) 野宮神社 (Nomiya-jinja shrine) god of marriage is also located nere the bamboo groves. It has a pretty backyard garden. (IMG 4)

There were 2 big public bathrooms at the Ryokan we stayed. We took an early bath and had a relaxing dinner in our room. A serving lady will bring dinner to your room. (IMG 1) Their breakfast was also amazing. (IMG 2) On the 2nd day in the morning, we visited 河合神社 (Kawai-jinja shrine - a sub-shrine of Shimogamo-jinja shrine) the god of beauty. You can pray for your inner beauty there. They serve 美人水 (beauty water - quince juice). (IMG 4) We had lunch back in 祇園 (Gion) at a restaurant called OKU. They serve amazing Obanzai lunch (Kyoto-style homemade side dishes). (IMG 3)

Sorry the images are not in the correct order. IMG 1 here is 糺の森 (Tadasu no Mori) a sacred grove at 下鴨神社 (Shimogamo-jinja shrine) where we visited in the morning. 相生社 (Aioi no Yashiro) stands on the left side in front of the main gate of Shimogamo-jinja is the god of good marriage and the guardian of engagement.

In the afternoon, we strolled through the shopping streets in 河原町 (Kawaramachi). You can find many shrines and temples there, too. 矢田寺 (Yadadera temple) is the god of good fortune accepting your sufferings. 誓願寺 (Seiganji temple) is the god of art and entertainment. YouTubers must visit there! LOL 蛸薬師堂 (Takoyakushido temple) is the god of a good health. If you stroke the octopus statue gently it will heal the parts where you touched :) 錦天満宮 (Nishiki Tenmangu shrine) is the god of prosperous business. Obviously, it is located in the Teramachi shopping street, facing the famous 錦市場 (Nishiki Market)! (IMG 3) I shopped at 喜久屋 (Kikuya) where my mom bought the flower rice crackers that I used for my videos! (IMG 2) Last but not least, we visited 六角堂 (Rokkaku-do temple) the god of happiness and good marriage. We bought their famous pigeon paper fortune… what we got in there were pretty harsh words. Well… it sounds like we shouldn't depend on the god but do our best. I know we said too many prayers... haha On the way back to Tokyo, we bought 下鴨茶寮 (Shimogamo-saryo)'s bento box with many Kyoto-style side dishes. (IMG 4) I think we had enough 懐石料理 (Kaiseki-ryori - traditional Japanese course meal with many side dishes)!!!

Blog post about Souvenirs

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

3rd Wedding Anniversary

10/10 was our 3rd wedding anniversary.

It was my day off, so we went out and had a dinner in Shibuya.
Koibumi was an amazing Japanese food restaurant.
Casual and easy on the budget :)

Our wedding posts:

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Australia Perth & Sydney

My middle sister of the three decided to have a wedding in Fremantle (Perth), so my whole family (including my darling) visited Australia for 8 days (7 nights) to attend the wedding.

Day 1 (9/13):

We bought bento for our lunch on the way to the Narita airport. There are a lot of bentos in the basement of Shinjuku Odakyu department store. I decided to get our's at Miyabi!

We left Narita at 20:30 and arrived in Perth (via Sydney) at 13:20 on 9/14. There is an hour time difference, thus it means it took us 18 hours to get there!

Day 2 (9/14):

As soon as we arrived in Perth, we headed to our hotel in Fremantle (Esplanade Hotel). It was surprisingly cold and stormy outside, so we decided to enjoy cappuccino at Dôme located on the cappuccino strip. Then we had a stroll through Fremantle Markets. We had a dinner at Little Creatures Brewery near our hotel because it was still stormy cold outside.

Day 3 (9/15):

The weather was fine on this day but it was still cold. We had a breakfast at Il Cibo. Their food was amazing. My dad rented a car and we enjoyed a beautiful drive way along the coast towards Scarborough Beach. We made a brief stop at Caversham Wildlife Park. Luckily, all the shows have just started when we arrived there, so we could meet and touch Koalas, Kangaroos, Wombat, Birds, etc… In the evening, we went to see black swans on the Lake Monger. We were lucky enough that we could spot them right away! After we joined a meeting for the wedding, we had a dinner at Cicerello's back in Fremantle. Their Fish and Chips were good but I liked their Seafood Chowder more!

Day 4 (9/16):

The weather was nice in the morning! My sister decided to have a wedding at St John’s Anglican Church Fremantle (not in Japan) because she wanted to get a nice and quiet wedding. Unfortunately, it started to rain after noon when they were having a photo session, but thanks God it didn't rain during the ceremony. The wedding reception was held at Villa D'Este Restaurant (a fine Italian restaurant) in Perth. All their dishes were very good. Their wedding cake was a shortcake based on a Japanese recipe but it was funny that it had a foreign taste. She should have ordered an Italian cake. hehe I'm not gonna write a lot about her wedding to protect her privacy but it was an amazing day ;)

Day 5 (9/17):

We joined a wine tour upstream on the Swan river with Captain Cook Cruises. Unfortunately, I am a cheap date, so I couldn't complete all of the wines (maybe 2 glasses in total) but I think we were being served with more than 10 glasses of wine!!! Also, we had an amazing lunch at Sandalford Estate before a dessert buffet and afternoon tea served back on board the vessel. The weather was nice on this day, so I had a romantic cruise with my darling and my parents. LOL

After the tour, we took Red CAT (a free bus) and had a walk at Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

On this day, we moved to a different hotel in Perth: The Sebel Residence overlooking the Claisebrook Cove. We had a dinner at Royal Siam (Thai Restaurant) near the hotel. Their food was pretty sweet overall but was tasty and good.

Day 6 (9/18):

We had a day trip to Wave Rock! Crossed vast dry farming plains before reaching the historic town of York. Traveled through the Wheatbelt town of Corrigin - noted for the "dog in the ute" national record. Headed to the town of Hyden, the town centre for Wave Rock. Visited Hippos yawn and had lunch at Wave Rock Wildflower shop. I am not sure what the dish was but the sweet simmered chicken was pretty good. After 5 hours, we finally arrived at Wave Rock! We enjoyed rock surfing ;) The views from the top were great and there were more than just Wave Rock to see: Humps and Mulkas Cave. On the way back to the city, we had a last stop for toilet break. There we had some sweets ($7 all-you-can-eat) made by local people. They were surprisingly pretty good! My darling accidentally ate a sandwich so we had to pay but they were worth to try. We couldn't have a dinner on this day because we went back to the city late and restaurants were all closed…

Day 7 (9/19):

We had a breakfast at Toast Bistro. Their savory crepes were amazing! We also tried Toast and Vegemite with avocado. I think I've got an idea how to use Vegemite for my recipe!

On this day, my dad rented a car again and went to The Round House and joined the Time Tour at Fremantle Prison. Then headed to Rockingham beach to meet the dolphins but it was obviously too cold to see them because of the unusual weather. We had an early dinner at Emma's on the Boardwalk. The restaurant offered fantastic food and the sunset was beautiful.

Day 8 (9/20):

We had a breakfast again at Toast Bistro. Then we headed to Sydney at noon and arrived at Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney at night. My darling and I finally went our separate ways with my parents. We enjoyed cocktails at Blu Bar on 36 and had dinner at Altitude Restaurant. Their food was outstanding! We enjoyed beautiful night views of Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It was a dreamlike night :)

Day 9 (9/21):

Our return flight to Japan was at night (21:30) so we enjoyed walking around the city until evening. We first had a stroll through Rocks Market. There we bought an amazing 3D stamps (Paper Tole) for our souvenir. We had brunch at Pancakes on the Rocks suggested by my viewers. We had their Beef Ribs and HOT 'N' TROPPO (buttermilk pancakes with grilled banana, walnuts, cream, chocolate ice cream and home made chocolate sauce) Yummy!!! Then we took MyZone bus to Paddington Markets. We didn't have enough time to shop around but we had a great time in Sydney. One thing I regret is that I couldn't find Aesop at DFS Galleria or in the city where we walked around…

I think we went to the country other than the U.S. for the first time in 7 years?!

People in Australia were very nice with warm hospitality. I think we didn't see any rude people there. So, I was pretty shocked when I saw an unkind person at Narita… Some Japanese people are not nice to people with the same nationality… this happens pretty often. They make nice with foreigners though! X(

I heard food in Australia is not that good but every meal we had was amazing XD Thanks to my mom and my darling, they are good at choosing restaurants. Me and my dad are not. LOL

The thing we found inconvenient was many stores and restaurants close pretty early. So, we couldn't shop or eat out late but went to bed earlier than usual. Good for our health maybe?! Also, we found things are pretty expensive in Australia!

We didn't have enough time to find our souvenirs but thanks to my viewers, I followed my viewers' advice to get some in the last minutes. I will make a separate post about souvenirs later!!!

Thanks for reading :)

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer 2013 in SFO (Yosemite) & LA & NY

Every summer, my darling and I just go to New York. So, this year, we decided to be a bit adventurous and went to the west coast as well :) It was a very busy 10 nights (12 days) trip but we had a lot of fun!!!

Well… basically, we enjoyed eating out! So half of my diary will be about food. I know it is the same for everyone ;) hehe

Day 1 (6/28):

Unlike last year, we left home in the evening and used Narita airport. It was way better in this way! We left NRT at 5PM and arrived in SFO at 11AM.

As soon as we arrived in the city, we walked around the Ferry Building. We had an early dinner at The Plant Cafe. Their organic foods (photo here) were amazing! Plant burger patties are made in house from lentils, mushrooms, beets, cashews and bulgur wheat. Something we can never try in Japan.

Day 2 (6/29):

We had a breakfast at Starbucks. I always get granola yogurt (photo here) in the states because we don't have it in Japan! We left for Yosemite early in the morning at 8AM. We arrived in Yosemite at noon. What a nice tour, we had BENTO in nature XD My darling and I decided to rent a bike after lunch. It was a fun way to tour around the park. Then we had a dinner at Mountain Room Restaurant located at Yosemite Lodge at the Falls. I tried their Gluten-Free Vegan Quinoa and Lentil Burger (photo here). It was amazingly delicious and filling! After the dinner, we had a nice walk to see Yosemite fall which is about a mile from the lodge we stayed.

Day 3 (6/30):

We had a breakfast at Yosemite Lodge Food Court. It was so-so and expensive (photo here). We joined the Glacier Point Tour which departs at 8:30am. Our ticket was a round-trip but we decided to hike down the Panorama Trail (8.5 miles = 13.5 km) on our own. Well… hiking down was not that easy. The path was pretty steep. (I'm glad I bought trekking shoes!!!) It was scary when we met a deer on our way! LOL On this day, even though we were really tired, we went to have a dinner at Ahwahnee Dining Room. It was such a gorgeous restaurant. Their food was amazing and of course expensive (photo here). I thank to my darling for booking there :P

Day 4 (7/1):

We had a breakfast again at Yosemite Lodge Food Court because we had no choice! Then we enjoyed the Yosemite rafting for 2 hours. The personal flotation device smelled really bad, but the rafting was fun! LOL At 2:30PM we had to leave Yosemite. We arrived back in SFO at night. We had a quick dinner at King of Thai at Union Square where my viewer recommended. We had Chicken Satay (photo here), Pad Kee Maow (photo here), and Combination Beef Noodle Soup (photo here)! The restaurant was crowded but fast and really good :)

Day 5 (7/2):

On this day, we had to depart to LA at 3PM, so we decided to walk and shop around Mission district. However, the stores weren't open till noon… so we just had a breakfast at Dolores Park Cafe. Actually, BART was on strike, so we had to take SuperShuttle to the airport (pricey).

I didn't know anything about LA, so I booked Millennium Biltmore Hotel. However, the city was not like in Manhattan. Everything was too far away, like in Westchester County in New York where I used to live. Maybe next time, we will stay at a hotel near Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour Bus station. Then maybe we can at least do a sightseeing in a limited amount of time. For dinner, we went to Nickel Diner. They serve authentic diner foods (photo here)! My darling's stuffed chicken was pretty good!!!

Day 6 (7/3):

In the morning we had a breakfast at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. We found it popular than Starbucks in LA because we saw it everywhere!!! I liked their granola yogurt (photo here), too XD

We visited Tastemade (cooking network) and YouTube Space in LA, along with cookingwithdog, kazumeshi, and MarimoMarshmallow. We didn't have enough time, but we had a chance to make a small collaboration video together :)

At night, we walked around Santa Monica. Actually, I didn't shop that much because I knew everything was available in New York XD We had a dinner at Real Food Daily. Their organic vegan foods were amazing! Worth to try them!!! (photo here)

Day 7 (7/4):

We took a Rapid bus 720 from downtown to Beverly Hills, that runs along Wilshire Boulevard. I think it took over an hour including the waiting time O_O We had brunch at Coupa Café. Actually, I wanted to try the crepe dish at Jack N' Jill's but it was CLOSED… but Coupa Café was pretty good, too! Then we walked around Robertson… but we found nothing special and said it is better to walk in NY. LOL Our flight to NY was at 11PM, but we decided to go to the airport earlier to have a dinner there. We had a dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express. Their Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf was pretty good!!! We could view the Independence day fireworks from the airport :)

Day 8 (7/5):

We slept on the plane for 6 hours and arrived in NY in the morning. However, it was pretty tiring! We headed to the hotel, hoping our room is ready, but it wasn't… so, we walked around the city. It was over 100F (38C) on this day which made us even tired. But at least we knew the city very well, we felt at ease. hehe For brunch, we went to The Todd English Food Hall in The Plaza Food Hall. They have a collection of amazing foods in NYC (including Luke's Lobster!). What we decided to have is the Prime Rib Sliders. It was pretty big enough to share! Yummy :) We went back to the hotel and the room was ready. So, we had a nap for 4 hours. LOL Then we walked 20 blocks to have a dinner at a Korean restaurant called Cho Dang Gol. They are pretty popular among Japanese people in the city!

Day 9 (7/6):

Every year, we had a breakfast at Central Park (on the day of the proposal. hehe) but this year was so hot that we decided not to have a breakfast there. We had brunch at Norma's. Their waffle was amazing :) Nothing special but we shopped and walked around the city as usual. My favorite place to shop for the past few years is Juicy Couture!!! And of course DSW!!! In the evening, we walked around Bedford Avenue and found a nice shop called whisk! Their kitchen gadgets are fun and cute! We had a dinner at Peter Luger Steakhouse. OMG! Amazing indeed!!! Tasty, lean, worth the price!!!

Day 10 (7/7):

The amount of food in the states is satisfying, so our breakfast always becomes brunch. We had brunch at The Smith Restaurant at Lincoln Center. We just ordered what people next to us ordered and they were delicious! In addition, I ordered my favorite granola yogurt. Then the people next to us said that was a great choice. Yeah, it was pretty good!!! We walked the Upper West Side as usual. However many of the shops were closed and it wasn't that fun like before… It is interesting, that shops in NYC change every year. At least we can find new shops to enjoy, we never get bored, though! For snack, we tried Jamba Juice for the first time. Many people were walking around the city (rehydrating) with Jamba Juice, so we decided to drink it. Berry UpBEET was pretty good! But the original size was too big. LOL For dinner, we headed to downtown and found a restaurant called Rouge et Blanc. They serve fine French / Vietnamese dishes. Simply amazing!!! This restaurant is really off the beaten path. No tourists!

Day 11 (7/8):

Time to go home. We had a quick brunch at Europa cafe and I did a last-minute shopping at Crate and Barrel in Midtown and Sur La Table in Soho. They both are my favorite shops. Cute, clean, and affordable!

Our return flight was suppose to be UA but it changed to ANA! Lucky us! The meals and movies are better ;)

Thanks for reading! Next year, I am thinking of going to the Prince Edward Island and of course NYC. I heard the place is beautiful. What do you think!? XD

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

10 Years Since I Met My Darling :)

6/7 is the day we met.

My darling gave me a marine set from LUSH. How sweet =)

We always eat out on Saturdays, so our anniversary dinner was on the weekend. hehe

I put the pic on the fridge :)
Photo taken at the restaurant called "Yu-Fu-Da-Chi" in Shinjyuku.
It was an amazing Kyoto Obanzai restaurant!!!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It took 12 hours to make this. LOL

Some of the recipes are shared HERE on YouTube.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

YouTube NextUp 2012

I was selected for the YouTube NextUp 2012 program and attended 6-days camp in December.

If you have no idea, YouTube NextUp is about accelerating the growth of the next big YouTube stars.

Our assignment was to cooperate with other 3 YouTubers in a group and edit our videos using any of software google recommends.

I used Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects for the first time in my life. I hope you like my idea :)

I collected autographs of NextUp 2012 members and took videos of them!!!

Videos by group members: I helped and appear in these videos.

During the camp, people were vlogging all the time. Here are the videos I appear in :) I know you want to see my daily vlogs, so I think these are more natural. hehe

I will add the links here on this post when more videos are released, so please come back to check them out!!!

And of course, please feel free to comment on these videos in English!!! Everybody is welcome to your comments!!! You can say you came from ochikeron. I don't mind! hehe

The time we spent together was amazing!
It was more than I expected.
I love and miss everyone.
At the same time, I thought this is another start to do my best :)

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