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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Accomplishments

Here are my accomplishments in April.

I'm glad I do have some to post since I didn't have enough time to apply for the contests in March because we moved...

The first one was actually the award from 2/15. The result was recently released on the web. My Healthy Steamed Okonomiyaki using a lots of cabbage and grated yam won the grand prize!!! It was a contest to use the silicon microwave steamer (silicon tools are now popular in Japan). I
thought Okonomiyaki is too simple so I'm glad it was accepted :D

On 4/8, my Tuna Mayonnaise Kelp Rice Bowl won a prize at the kelp recipe contest. I used salt flavored kelp, which really makes food tasty and goes good with rice!!! My darling loves this kind ;)

On 4/15, my Okara Dashi Mayo Salad was published in the spring catalog of Kamada (dashi soy sauce products manufacturer). Okara is a bean curd refuse which is very healthy and low in calories. I love it but my darling doesn't like this kind of hard-to-swallow rough food. So I marinated it with mayonnaise and dashi soy sauce like a potato salad and he liked it in this way :D

On 4/15 my Healthy Black Soy Smoothie received a honorable mention at soy milk recipe contest. I love soy milk that I don't even drink a milk these days. I'm glad I'm gonna receive soy milk for a month as a prize. hehe

On 4/23, my Sausage TarTar Rolls won the Primaham Award. I gotta try this contest again since I never won the higher prize at this contest even I think my recipe is good... LoL

See you tomorrow ;)

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Friday, April 1, 2011

My Accomplishments

Time flies! One quarter of the year has passed already!!!

Again, I will list my accomplishments last month and one that was not yet listed for Feb.

On 2/10, my Yurine Clam Chowder Soup received the award for excellence at Hokkaido Asahibeer's contest. Yurine is potato-like vegetable shaped like flower petals. Of course you can use diced potatoes instead ;) Those potato kinds keep the soup warm a little longer.

On 3/8, my Fresh Strawberries and Collagen Gummi Chocolate received the multi posting award. Did I post too many recipes?! LoL Anyways, I used a heart shaped ice maker which I bought at Daiso.

On 3/8, my Montblanc-Like Egg Salad appeared on the KRAFT's recipe card! It was also broadcast on CookTV last month. HERE, you can view the movie! I made this few years ago to make fun of my hun because he doesn't like sweet stuff! I served it for a dinner and I still remember his uncomfortable face! Ha-ha ;)

On 3/10, my Mayo Curry Stir-Fried Diced Potatoes was published in a food magazine called Lettuce Club (3/25 issue). I also added diced sausage that makes the dish rich and appetizing.

On 3/14 my Spring Vegetables and Shredded Steamed Chicken Okazu Salad appeared on Uny's recipe card of March! I call it Okazu salad because it goes good with white rice, too ;)

Last month, I couldn't apply for any contests after all... since it was quite a move after the quake. Hopefully, I will start applying for them from this month!

I'll do my best!!!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

I have been awarded the "One Lovely Blog Award" by grub of grub-town! Thanks!!!

She's an arts student in Melbourne, studying Japanese, too. She snaps very natural, soft, and relaxing photographs which makes me think she's a mature lady. hehe. I love her homey feel presentations!

To accept the award, there are certain rules:
1. Posting a link back to the person that gave you the award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
3. Award 15 blogs.
4. Drop them a note and tell them about it.

7 random things I like to do:
- Cooking (Of course!)
- Shopping (Relieves my stress!)
- Coffee time (With my darling.)
- Eating out (I love to try creative Japanese foods at smoke-free izakaya.)
- Blogging
- Traveling (NY)
- Karaoke!!! (I wish I could have more time for it. I can sing for more than 3 hours! hehe)

I will pass this award to my good friends whom I met on the Net ;) - I'm not gonna drop a note because I know some are busy.
- Jon at As I See Japan...from L.A.
- Fran at Fran-Japani
- ReBekha at Genki Gaijin Girl
- Nazarina at Giddy Gastronome
- josephinechoo at Jose's Diary
- anGeLine at Journey of Angel's Life
- Jo at Literally In The Moment
- Merce at Love to Eat
- theda_bara at Maudlin
- Cathy at My Food Adventures
- Kym at p a t i k y m
- suki at suki pooki
- Jessica at Tales from a Tokyo Kitchen
- Tsu Lin + + at tsulin + +
- Mica

I am glad to become friends with you all!!!
Let's keep in touch ;)

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Accomplishments

Hi! Time to list my accomplishments again!

On 2/5, I attended the award ceremony of 青の洞窟 (Ao no Doukutsu) idea recipe contest. I happened to appear on the news article, too. (I'm wearing the blue cardigan.) The result page was released on 2/25! Again, I found myself on the image. Blue color stands! hehe

On 2/13, surprisingly, my "Yummy Salty Tofu" ranked the 1st on Lettuce Club's website. Salt, sesame oil, and garlic really work up the appetite! Yummy yummy!

From left to right image, on 2/14, 10th person photo reported my "Lucky Bean Rice" at Cookpad. I cooked rice using the lucky beans which was leftover from the bean scattering on Setsubun (2/3). On 2/18, 10th person photo reported my "Melting Heart Vegetable Curry and Rice" and "Kimpira Stir-Fried Mizuna and Chikuwa". Thanks!!!

On 2/22, I won the grand prix at COBON recipe contest. COBON is a wild yeast drink product. It is honey-sweet syrup, so you can use it instead of sugar. Wild yeast is used to produce fermented foods such as miso, soy sauce, sake, etc... Lately, Japanese lack wild yeast due to the dietary habits imported from Western countries, therefore COBON was made and consumed over 60 years (since 1950) to help ferment foods you consume, not to decompose in your stomach! Anyways, I added COBON to my everyday soy banana smoothie with a hint of ginger ;)

I think I expect nothing for April, since I cannot enter any contest in March due to the removal stuff. Hopefully in May!?!?

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Million Visitors!!!!!!!

On 2/11, my Cookpad recipe page reached 10 million visitors!!! Cookpad is the biggest recipe site in Japan. I only update my page once a week but endurance makes you stronger.

Thank you!!! I will keep up at my own pace :D

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

青の洞窟 Award Ceremony

On 2/5 (Sat.), my darling and I attended the award ceremony of 青の洞窟 idea recipe contest. 青の洞窟 (Ao no Doukutsu - blue cave) is one of the pasta brands of Nissin Foods. The contest was to cook spaghetti in ONE pan using 青の洞窟 spaghetti and pasta sauce. I won the 2nd price!

The ceremony was held at an Italian restaurant called Mario i Sentieri in Nishiazabu. On this day, the owner Italian chef Mario Frittoli demonstrated his original carbonara with fruits! The sour taste of fruits gave an amazing touch to carbonara and was fabulous!

Then we enjoyed his authentic Italian lunch with wines! As seen in pictures, all dishes were beautifully presented. They were dainty with discreet seasonings.

Chef Mario said he always cooks from his heart. And contacts between people makes him enjoy cooking. Of course, we had a good time with the Chef and other contestants :D


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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Accomplishments

Hi there! Time flies. As usual, these are my accomplishments in January.

On 1/8, my Edible La-Yu Shimeji received the honorable mention at is the site to search & learn & evaluate about many different kinds of salt(mainly in Japan). They asked for recipes using shimeji mushrooms.

On 1/13, I had a call that I got a place at Marumiya's flavored rice sauce recipe contest. However the result was against my will that I regretted I have tried hard... Those contests are just about the luck of the roll, I know, but somehow I tried too hard... Silly me X(

On 1/14, I won the good idea award at They asked for recipes to fight metabolic syndrome using mannanhikari. Mannnanhikari is a rice shaped konjac food. By cooking the rice with mannanhikari, you can save calories (up to 30%)! My award winning recipe is Healthy Tomato Inarizushi.

On 1/17, my Bling-Bling Tuna Natto Roll won the special award at uchinogohan (my home) recipe contest. I like it's gorgeous look :)

On 1/18, I won a prize at the convenience store recipe contest. Not knowing where the result is posted...

On 1/23, my Stir-Fried Potato and Komatsuna (Japanese Mustard Spinach) Hot Miso Salad won the outstanding performance award.

Then FINALLY, on 1/24, I won the IH rice cooker that I mentioned last time. The theme was to create recipes that use GOPAN and the local ingredients. I will write about GOPAN someday later, but briefly saying, it is the bread made from rice grain. I submitted Ago Dashi Gopan Soup. Ago is local specialities in Hirado (Nagasaki). I bought the soup when I visited there :D The result is now posted on Sanyo's website!

I wish I won't get depressed easily. LoL.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

900 Recipes

Wow! When this screen popped out, I realized that I have posted 900 recipes on my Cookpad (Japan's largest recipe site) account! To tell the truth, I have double the number of the recipes at home since I post my recipes on other sites, too.

As you might know, I also submit my recipes to the contests. I always try NOT to do my best since it will never go as planned... but I did it again! This time, I thought I could win at least 2nd prize for sure since my darling loved the ingredient and I could come up with many good ideas!!! However, what I received was the last place. I had a call from the manufacturer that I won the prize but my voice was not happy of course. I'm sorry!!! I devoted a lot of time (about 3 months) for that contest, so I was really shocked. Why this happens is some contests are just about the LUCK! Yeah, I knew that but I somehow I did it again. That's all! I will now forget about it to make a new start!

Life is not easy, so don't expect too much X(

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Accomplishments

Hi! I am quickly updating my accomplishments in December before the year ends.

On 12/1, I received the 10th cooking report for my Montblanc-Like Egg Salad recipe. It was broadcast on CookTV last month. HERE, you can view the reports! Thank you!!!

On 12/10, my award winning Scallop Roses from Quick Scallop Recipe Contest appeared on a magazine book called Lettuce Club (12/25 issue P.80). I bought it since my recipe was printed large :D

On 12/13, my Keema Curry And Soba Rice won the grand prize at the 爽健美茶 (sokenbicha) - Japanese tea recipe contest. They asked for recipes that goes good with the tea. My curry and rice is made of yakisoba noodle and seasonings. It is really easy and tasty! I received a comment from a famous entertainer キム兄 (kimni)! Yay!!!

On 12/20, my Baked Kimcheese Potato won a prize at QBB cheese recipe contest. As I named, I baked Kimchi and potato with cheese on top. Simple and delicious :D

On 12/24, I received the Jif award at Jif (cream kitchen cleanser) recipe contest. They asked for recipes which celebrates their 30th anniversary. I served hashed beef (5 servings) in a large hot plate with rice decorations ;)

On 12/27, I received the good idea award for my Rolled Omelette Rice Castle. I thought my Hikarin Rice would won the award... but anyway, I know that things never work out as I expect...

Snap out of it! I'll do my best again in 2011!!!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you mica for passing me the Versatile Blogger Award! I love the award with such a positive name! It makes me feel motivated!!!

In accepting this award, I've got to: (1) thank and link the person who gave me this award, (2) share 7 facts about myself, and (3) pass the award to 7 other blogs that I've recently discovered and leave them a note to tell them about the award.

I already thanked mica, so I will list 7 facts about myself!

I love pink but fuchsia pink! That's why my wedding flowers and my colored dress were in fuchsia pink. And of course, my iPhone is in fuchsia pink, too :D

I don't prefer to eat sweets since my darling doesn't like sweets... Maybe that's why I don't have that many sweets recipes. Good for my health, though!

When I'm angry, my darling always goes to sleep. But in fact, I LOVE his sleeping face. For me, he looks cute when he is asleep. I always forgive him while he's sleeping... X(

I love hula but the teacher! My hula teacher used to join the idle group called Ribbon, so she is really cute and has her aura!!! I respect her a lot and I want to be like her. So, that's why I go to hula every Thursday night even after work and do video taking after every term, not to forget what she taught us ;)

As you know... I make a mistake with enthusiasm...

I never did cooking before I met my darling but loved to create things (drawings, making tables, and many other art stuff)! I didn't even help my mom... After I met him, I realized cooking is a practical way to be creative, so that's why I loved it and I think I will cook my art forever!!!

I love NY, the place where I met my darling. We visit there every summer since we came back to Japan in 2004.

I know many are busy so I'm not leaving a note, but this award goes to jo, Nazarina, merce, theda_bara,  fran, Genki Gaijin Girl, and Cathy. Please do when you have time :D

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