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Monday, February 28, 2011

Renovation Updates: 6th Week

Last week was the 6th week and my kitchen was placed! I heard that the kitchen counter was so big that it didn't fit into the elevator, so the carpenter wrestled it up stairs! Thanks goodness X(

We will apply the ECOCARAT on this side wall (image below)!

This week, wallpaper will be applied. And finally, this coming Saturday, our home will be completed! Time to make a final confirmation :D

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Renovation Updates: 5th Week

My post is one week behind but last week was the 5th week of the renovation and our walls and ceilings (construction) were done.

All the fittings were framed and set. We fitted up some of the furniture in the room to save space!

This week, my kitchen and bathroom sink were done. I will update about it next week :D

*Renovation Updates*
- 4th Week
- 2nd and 3rd Week
- 1st Week
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Renovation Updates: 4th Week

Before it gets old, I will update the 4th week progress!

The base for the double flooring was done. As you can see below, all the pipes are placed underneath.

Kitchen side wall (for the water pipes) and double ceiling (for the air pipe) are almost done. Those works are done for my ideal counter kitchen :P

The below  is our bathroom. Hard to tell, but I took this to make sure we have enough space to change clothes.

We are visiting the place on the 6th week (next Saturday 2/26) to decide on curtains and window shades!

*Renovation Updates*
- 2nd and 3rd Week
- 1st Week
- The Start Date

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Despite our budget, we decided to apply the accent wall, simply because it is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. LoL

What we chose is a healthy breathing wall called ECOCARAT by INAX. Cream beige bricks are our choice for the living room. We expect to create the perfect living room atmosphere where we can experience a warm natural feel and relax!

ECOCARAT is a completely natural ceramic material that utilizes tiny holes to absorb excess humidity in the room and release it when the air becomes dry, maintaining optimum comfort levels. ECOCARAT also absorbs and reduces unpleasant smells and harmful airborne toxins.

4 Benefits Applying ECOCARAT:

- Humidity Controller
ECOCARAT is capable of absorbing/releasing moisture 4 to 5 times better than diatomaceous wall surfaces, and 15 times better than hygroscopic wall paper. ECOCARAT inhales and exhales humidity, consistently maintaining comfort levels in rooms. Its efficient humidity conditioning during damp or humid weather conditions ensures crisp and comfortable room air during sticky summers.

- Mold and Mite Inhibitor
ECOCARAT maintains a comfortable humidity level, regulates condensation and dampness during the winter, reducing the spread of mold and mites.

- Deodorizer
ECOCARAT gets rid of the smell of those offensive pet and toilet smells.

- Toxin Absorber
ECOCARAT is capable of absorbing formaldehyde, toluene, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have adverse effects on the human body. Perfect way to avoid sick house syndrome.

I hope our wall comes out nice :)

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

HITACHI Frost Recycling Vacuum Compartment Refrigerator

On the weekend, my darling and I went to an electronics retail store, hoping to upgrade our current fridge-freezer at the time of the removal!

What interested me the most is HITACHI's Frost Recycling Vacuum Compartment Refrigerator model.

The "Vacuum Compartment" can reduce air pressure in the chilled room to 0.8 atm. It decreases the oxygen density in the chilled room, preventing the DHAs, vitamins and amino acids in food items from oxidizing. The front door of the chilled room is sealed by a rubber packing and pressed to the room by a lock handle in front of the door. It's like having a big "Ziploc container" in the fridge! How convenient!!! The chilled room is designed on the assumption that it is used 10 times a day for 10 years, so it can be opened and closed about 40,000 times.

"Super-Moisture Vegetable Compartment" assures vegetables retain moisture.

"Triple Compartment Freezer" is a smartly designed freezer consists of the main high-capacity compartment and two full-width sliding drawers, allowing easily organize and retrieve frozen products. I have many small items piled up in my freezer pocket, so this sounds very convenient!

As for energy-saving technology, the "Frost Recycling Cooling System" uses the air cooled by frost forming on the cooling device during the operation to cool the refrigerator and vegetable compartment while compressor stops.

This model has a volume ranged from 401L to 620L! I first thought of getting the largest one, but the smallest around 475L might be better, not to waste food! Will see ;)

BTW, I now own Sharp's 2 door fridge-freezer which volume is 140L (SJ-14H). Pretty small...

What kind of fridge-freezer do you have?!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Renovation Updates: 2nd & 3rd Week

The 1st week was simply the torn down. Although there were some issues on our renovation plans, everything is going fine now.

Last week, we couldn't visit our place but the contractor kindly sent us some updates for 2nd & 3rd week.

Bathroom and pipings were placed.

Kitchen side walls were made to hide the water pipes.

Windows were fixed.

Then the 4th week (this week) flooring will be done. It is time to choose the wallpaper!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

7 Issues on our Renovation

Last week, we had our condo rooms torn down.

Then on Saturday, we had a meeting with our contractor to talk about the renovation issues. Lucky or not, there were 7 of them X(

#1. Flooring
As I wrote before, we have to lift 10cm to apply the wooden plyboard floor (double flooring) which might make our room feel cramped and small. To save the height of the ceiling, our option is to apply cushion flooring (direct flooring), which can keep LL45 (sound insulation level). However, the cushion can sink if you walk or put heavy stuff on it. Thus, it can have gap between the floor after years.

#2. Air Pipe
A huge air pipe was running the hallway, so we have to lower the ceiling, which makes the space really cramped if we apply the double flooring...

#3. Water Pipes
To run the water pipes, we have to lift the bathroom flooring up to 15cm. Since the height to the ceiling is short, we are thinking of extending the bathroom area or not...

#4. Kitchen (water piping)
The kitchen used to be along the back wall, so to have a counter kitchen, we need to extend the water pipes from the side wall.

#5. Kitchen (air piping)
Also, we need the air pipe above the stove, so double ceiling is necessary. Our contractor said it does not look cramped, but it cost more X(

#6. Lavatory Pan
Due to the pipe laying (back side), we have to change the model of our lavatory pan (from TOTO Purest QR 4.8L to MR6L), which uses more water (1.2L more).

#7. Double Sash Windows
All windows in the room were double sash. It blocks out noise and temperature difference. It might cost more to keep them all since they are old and need some touch-ups.

Anyways, we have to decide on the flooring by Wednesday...
Hope we find the best answer!!!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Start Date of Renovation and my Worries...

Today, our long-awaited renovation starts. I thought we were well prepared but my worries never seem to end X(

On Saturday, we went to see our new home once again before the renovation starts and realized that the height of the ceiling is not high enough to apply the wooden plyboard floor. To apply this, we have to lift about 2 or more inches from current condition which might make our room feel cramped and small.

All condos in Japan have a sound insulation control and we have to keep LL40 (sound insulation level) for the flooring. Thus, to reduce the thickness, some people use carpet or vinyl flooring.

I have to talk to our contractor to change our choice?! We made an appointment this weekend to discuss about it!

It is still cold and dry in Tokyo. My black fur beanie which I bought last year in spring at half price now became useful ;)

Have a good one!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Got a Home as of Today!

This morning, we took a half day off from our work and officially bought our new home! The condo after 25 years cannot receive the housing loan tax credit but our real estate acquisition tax was partly exempt, which was good!!!

Anyway, I think our condo was a great deal. It has a good management system and neighbors are nice. Also, our room is on the 10th floor, so we have views of Tokyo's skyscrapers, including the Tokyo Sky Tree! Of course views are small since our condo is located away from the city. I told the owner that we will cherish our home.

Last week, I bought a fur beanie that connects with muffler and gloves! I thought it's a CAT but everyone says me it's a BEAR...

What do you think?!

It's really cold in Tokyo. We have only 1C (33F) in the morning.

See you again!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

断捨離 (danshari)

断捨離 (danshari) means to throw away unnecessary stuff. It's one of the keywords of the recent years in Japan.

"断" (dan) - to cut out unnecessary stuff. ex) receipts, shopping bags, coupons, etc...
"捨" (sha) - to throw away junk. ex) clothes, books, toys, etc...
"離" (ri) - to step away from your obsessions. ex) souvenirs, anniversary gifts, etc...

The idea is, if you throw away unnecessary stuff around you, you'll get more room, time and energy around you that lead you to an affluent (comfortable) life.

I totally understand this! I keep things for "just in case" and mostly never use them or get a new one since I can't find them right away or they aren't the exact things I need. Now I keep so many things after 6 years living in one place with my darling and get frustrated to see them all around me, which is really funny.

So, before the removal (in March), I decided to eliminate the junk that clogs up my life!!!

Not to become hopelessly lost, I gave myself a time limit and started to throw away things from last week. I already filled more than 15 garbage bags so far...

However, I couldn't throw away some of them without taking pictures X(

Sylvanian Families were my favorite toy, but of course, I don't play with them now, so I said goodbye X(

From left to right, top to bottom: I don't listen to cassette tape any more... I don't play Tetris... My commuter tickets in NY... Missanga which I made when I was a teenager... I'm sure I can't wear all those earrings at once... I threw out most of my art stuff including my drawings and paintings... and more and more...

Oh boy... I found unbelievably old soy sauce in the fridge which expired in 2006...

Tomorrow, we are going to receive the key for our new home. We will take some pictures of the place this weekend before the renovation starts on Monday. I hope we can start our new life with more room and time!

I will keep on doing 断捨離 (danshari) because it is the way to live smart!

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