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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome Board Idea

A welcome board is a board displayed at the entrance to a wedding venue.

At first, we had no idea, but while in NY (this summer), without expectation, we looked for a street artist in Times Square who can draw something for us. After looking for a while, we found a Chinese guy who drew something we want!!! His drawing was worth the money - using colors cost 25 bucks.

However, lastly, he suggested us to get a frame which cost us an additional 20 bucks! Is he a rip-off?! We thought for a while but we decided to get it because he was a nice guy. Also, we thought we need some kind of frame later anyway.

But he was right! The tool he used was charcoal so the drawing can smudge easily!!! I once tried to take it out from the frame but it smudged, so I realized it. I see some people who roll up their drawings, but I don't think they can take home as is.

Anyway, it's pretty fun to have your portrait drawn by a street artist for your wedding ;)

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Disposable Camera

Another wedding idea here!

We set each guest table with a disposable camera for fun! Luckily, I found a perfect disposable camera for our wedding theme. You see, this Hello Kitty holds an apple in her hand = The Big Apple!!!

The quality of the photos are not perfect as compared to digital camera, but they have certain nostalgic output :) Now you can develop them on a CD, which is very convenient to browse! 189 photos came out successful. BTW, some people have forgotten how to use the disposable camera. You have to keep 1m distance between the camera and the object. he-he!!!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Wedding Reception Foods

Back to our wedding story again.

Without question, we catered chef Wakiya's fancy and healthy Chinese cuisine from "トゥーランドット遊仙境 - Turandot Yusenkyo" restaurant in Akasaka. They offer a new style of Chinese cooking inspired by the traditional food of Shanghai, Szechuan, Canton and Beijing. All dishes come with fresh vegetables. Very healthy and delicious! We once had his dishes at Turandot restaurant in Yokohama and fascinated by their fabulous presentation.

Our favorite dish is their fancy appetizer called "Nine Happiness"! Each is served with seasonal fresh vegetables and unique ingredients.

Their casual but fancy Chinese food just fit our wedding in the Park!!!

I'm glad everyone enjoyed :)

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Wedding Dress-Up

I don't remember how many times I played wedding dress-up...
We visited 2 different shops. However, without question, we rented all our wedding costumes (including New York photo wedding) at JOYFUL ELI.

There we found really nice dresses and tuxedos at a great rental value! Actually, we made a snap decision because all dresses were my taste!!! Also, as I wrote before, the lady who assisted my fitting used to live in Harrison (New York), which was a fateful encounter!!!

Limited to my friends, I posted some of the dresses I tried on my Facebook album!!!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Wedding Photos - from Guests

Yay! My parents, my friends, and my wedding team gave us some pics from our wedding. I posted few of them on my Facebook album. Limited to my friends only. Please check them out ;)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding Nails

Because I cook every day, I didn't have a plan to do my nails until the last moment, but I did, and that was a right decision!!!

As you know by now, our wedding theme was "Heart Full NY Central Park", so I decorated my nails with glittering hearts! To make them look neat, those hearts are placed on top of french nails. Thus, my nails matched both white and pink dresses!!!

I chose gel nails (Calgel) because they are said to promote nail health. It won't lift, peel, chip, go rubbery or damage your own nails. My gems are embedded in gel as a silky smooth nail overlay which are easy to handle ;)

They last for a month, so I'm going to enjoy them for a while :)

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Wedding - 2010.10.10

Our wedding became the largest event in my life.

Being celebrated by our family, relatives, coworkers, and friends, we became happier than ever. I am glad that we planned to have our wedding and I really appreciate everyone who attended our wedding on this day.

We met our wedding planner Natsu at Julia's rose last December while looking for our wedding hall. We attended a lot of wedding events, but her's was special. She said she can help us hold an original wedding filled with flowers.

Our wedding theme was "Heart Full NY Central Park". LA COLLEZIONE was the perfect place for that theme. (Btw, this is why we sealed our invitations with apple stickers = BIG APPLE!!!)

GOTO FLORIST did their best to meet our expectations. They grew a lawn beside the guest tables and created the Central Park! To make it look more natural, they added some trees and rocks. You can find birds and squirrels in the park, too! In the park, there is a table where you can have a break ;) In contrast, all guest tables were decorated with heart-shaped flower arrangements. Hearts hanging from the ceiling created shadowgraph of hearts. Then last but not least, we accented the park with a huge heart :)

Speaking of foods, we catered our favorite Chinese food from Turandot. We rented a huge wedding cake, which was my dream! Then last but not least, I served my pink brownies along with recipe cards!!! I was really happy to see everyone enjoying their meals :)

Happy time passes quickly. After the wedding, our hall was cleaned up in a second and went back the way it was.

It was our happiest day, at the same time I felt lonely saying goodbye to all our guests, Natsu, and those who helped us for about a year to make them all come true! How sad it ends in few hours!!!

But yes! Our wedding forever engraved in our hearts. It made our love even stronger :)

We will never ever forget this day!!!

I will show you the professional pics later when ready!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

BVLGARI - Band Ring

These are our wedding rings!!!

BVLGARI - Band Ring is made of 18K white gold using 0.04 carat diamond. We are not great fans of BVLGARI, but somehow we both liked BVLGARI style. We carved our names and the date of our reception: 20101010. I don't know if you remember it or not but my engagement ring is BVLGARI, too :)

Today I wrote few other wedding related posts because I couldn't post them all in one :P

I will see you guys after the wedding.

Good luck to us!!!

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Civil Wedding Ceremony (人前式 - Jinzen Shiki)

What's Your Wedding Style?

We wanted our wedding to have a real homey feel, so we chose Civil Wedding Ceremony (人前式 - Jinzen Shiki). It is a nonreligious wedding ceremony which bride and groom read out their own vows in front of those present, implore them to validate the marriage. Believe it or not, this wedding style is not a new style but is a traditional wedding style from Edo era even before the Japanese wedding ceremony become popular in Meiji era!

Our marriage vows are now completed!
We have to practice reading them out nicely without making a mistake :P

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We only have 3 more days left till our wedding reception.
What I could do the rest of the days is to manage my fatigue!!!
I know it is not good to depend on energy drinks, but I am depending on them these few days.

I am trying out cute packaged ones. He-he!!!
It seems like Taurine makes me energetic :D

Taurine is an amino acid that supports neurological development and helps regulate the level of water and mineral salts in the blood. Up to 3,000mg a day of supplemental taurine is considered safe. Any excess taurine is simply excreted.

For me, the energy drinks that contain 500mg of Taurine is enough to recover!!!

But the review published in 2008 found that "the amounts of guarana, taurine, and ginseng found in popular energy drinks are far below the amounts expected to deliver therapeutic benefits".

Hmm... What do you think?!
Placebo or whatever, I am sure that Taurine makes me energetic!!!

I just finished my first draft of the letter to my parents and my speeches. Whew...

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weather Forecast For Our Wedding Day...

The weather forecast for our wedding day (10/10/2010) is highs in the upper 60Fs (20Cs), with 50% chance of precipitation :(

We are not the rain bringers, so I hope the weather clears up!!!

BTW, in Japan, we make "teru teru bouzu" (literally means shiny-shiny Buddhist priest) a little traditional hand-made doll made of white paper or cloth and hang outside of the window with a string. The doll supposed to have magical powers to bring good weather and to stop or prevent a rainy day. It was started by Japanese farmers long ago.

Do you have any charm to prevent rain in your tradition?

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Monday, October 4, 2010

C1000 Vitamin Lemon + Collagen

Did you know that prolonged stress depletes Vitamin C?

This morning I treated myself with a vitamin drink containing 1,000mg of vitamin C and 1,000mg of collagen peptide!

Vitamin C helps relief stress and helps produce collagen. In addition, it boosts the immune system. It's a great drink to maintain my health and beauty before the wedding :D

Oh btw, I had an aromatherapy massage yesterday and it just worked wonderfully after a day! Thanks God, it just came!!! Ladies know ;)

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Friday, October 1, 2010

When Women Are Angry, Men Shut Off Their Brains

What does your partner do when you are angry?

My darling hides in the bed or goes to sleep...

Today, I found an interesting article (in Japanese, so I will translate).

When couples get in an argument, most women think men are not "listening or understanding" to them. But the study shows that it's because of the brain mechanism of men: when women are emotional, men shut off their brains!

Dr. Mara Mother's research group at University of California has studied the difference in response between couples by measuring the secretion of cortisol (hormone released in response to stress) under a certain amount of stress (fear, anger, etc...). The study found that the stress caused an active secretion of men's cortisol, thus they responded slow to the stress. On the other hand, women become very emotional to the stress.

This is why men hold back while women ask for emotional support. If you think your partner is not listening, they are not doing that on purpose, but ironically their brains are shut off physiologically.

Wedding preparation is really a tiring process, especially when both have day jobs, so we can easily get in an argument. But shall I forgive my darling hiding in the bed?! I think he should try his best not to make me angry before he hides in!!!

What do you think???

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

10 Days Until Our Wedding Date!

Wedding Countdown at

Believe it or not, we only have 10 days left until our wedding reception!!! I just checked the menu and order of precedence for printing. Our photo montage video and end-title roll are almost done. Oh boy, I have to fix my hair and makeup plan! Also we have to practice our vows and write letters to our parents! So many things are left behind!!! My darling is still busy with his work... I hope he helps me the rest this weekend...

Let's hope for the best.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Day Off...

I am taking a day off today...
The reason is very simple. I got tired (and stressed out) due to the lack of sleep and lack of time!

Last night, my darling said he's gonna start creating the end-title roll (for our wedding) a day before the due date which I thought is impossible since it took me more than a week to create our profile photo montage video!!! I know my darling is busy with his job but creating a movie is not that easy, you know!!! That's why I had to add this video task on top of the previously scheduled tasks and got stressed out!!!

Of course, to benefit my day off, I will attend the day class of hula today.

I hope I could relieve my stress...

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Friday, September 24, 2010

FedEx Kinko's

It was raining cold yesterday. Believe it or not, the temp dropped down to 66F (19C) from 95F (35C) of the previous day!!!

On such a day, we had to visit Kinko's to print out our wedding stuff since our printer broke X(

It was my darling's idea to go to Kinko's and was a right choice!!! For copying, printing, digital photo enlargements, color printing, business services and shipping, Kinko's stores provide a number of self-service features (besides full-service features) to help you finish your job quickly in a professional way.

Yes! We finished printing 80 copies in few minutes!!! If I get wound up in details, I didn't like the page margins it created, but the quality was fine and if I imagine myself spending enormous time printing those at home, that's not a big deal... I'm saying to myself. Ha-ha!!!

Anyway, I will definitely use Kinko's again for our new year's card and removal notice card, considering the page margins the next time!!!

Keali'i Reichel' s concert yesterday was nice and relaxing but too bad that we were busy with our wedding stuff at the back of our mind...

Have a good weekend!!!

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