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Monday, May 25, 2009

Vina Macatela Sangria

We got thunderstorms last night, so the air was clean and fresh this morning :)

Yesterday, I found a bottle of sangria wine at a supermarket. Usually, I make sangria from scratch, but I bought it from curiosity.

It was great!!!
I am glad that I bought it.
It doesn't contain any sugar so the flavors of fruit juice and red wine are refreshing and delicate. I think I can have a couple of glasses at a time :)

Moreover, what I like about it is this sangria is made from "organic" ingredients: orange juice, lemon juice, red grape juice, white grape juice, and red wine. The label looks different, but I think this is the official website of the wine.

It should be particularly refreshing with ice on a hot summer day. Mmmmmm!!!

Bye for now ;)

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cherry Wine

Hi there!

What's your favorite type of wine?

I love red wine since the polyphenol contained is beneficial to our health!

However, I sometimes try other type of wine when I find it interesting!

Before the flight back to Tokyo (from Yamagata), my boyfriend and I arrived at the airport with time to spare, so we had a small bottle of wine at cafe. We chose to have dry white wine rather than red for a change. Refreshing sourness and the aroma of muscatel were well balanced! It was a right choice ;)

Also, we bought a cherry wine for our souvenir to try out! Don't you think the bottle is cute?! It is 100% sour cherry wine which is local specialty of Yamagata prefecture. I didn't have expectations for taste, but it had a light, fruity taste and was easy to drink!

We have early summer weather today. The high is 78F (26C). How nice ;)

Let's enjoy our day!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Domaine des Bois Lucas

Hi! We have cloudless blue sky today! My runny & sore nose healed but seems like pills causing a blocked nose! My god...

Anyway, some of you might know but I rarely read books. (Maybe that's why I can't think things logically...) Well, one of my co-workers forced me to read a book one day. Since he didn't give up, I said okay, and read 10 minutes a day on the train. Took about a month to finish reading! Ha-ha.

The book was about Junko Arai, who bought a field in Loire (France) to make a biodynamic wine. She has a side job as a wine importer in Japan. I'm not interested in wine, but what amazed me is her vitality! She got the black belt for Karate when she was a college student. Then worked for a company in her 20's, using money for collecting cars and designer goods. But she quit the job and started to take some lessons, such as flower arrangement, tea ceremony, etc... Then one day, she got trapped in wine making. She entered University of Bordeaux to study zymurgy in her 30's. Then she ran a French restaurant in Japan, and held a workshop for wine lovers. However, one day, she was offered to purchase a field in France.

In 2001, she closed her restaurant and flew to France to start winemaking. Sorry in Japanese, but here is her winery info. I didn't know anything about winemaking, but her book explains about that, too. I never knew that the winemaking is such a hard work. I am impressed by her patience! She gives us hope to try something new and never give up!!!

Anyway, in her diary (on her HP), she wrote that she won the lottery to run Tokyo Marathon! She has good luck!!! Hope I can win at the second drawing in December...

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Beaujolais Day!

It's nice and warm again!
But same as yesterday, it is hot in the office...

Today I'd like to introduce my wine food that goes great with Beaujolais Nouveau!

Last year there was a recipe contest held by Arcane (they import/export luxury food and wine).
They put out a call for wine food that goes great with Michel Lynch (red or white).
Since I prefer red wine, I created some recipes for the red!

Luckily, I won the highest award!
The award-winning recipe is "Pork and Beans with Demiglace Sauce, Accompanied with Rye Bread".
Sorry, my recipe is in Japanese :(
But I hope this idea helps you prepare for the Beaujolais Nouveau Day!

Of course, I will write in English if anyone wants.

I gotta go now.
Have fun :)

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