Tuesday, April 19, 2011

PACCO Dining Set

On Saturday, our new dining set (PACCO) has arrived!

I am new to the mac world, so it took me so long to edit these pictures...

Yesterday I shoot a video of our home but again taking me long to edit it with iMovie.

Hopefully, I'll upload it on my YouTube channel soon.

Bye for now ;)

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  1. wow your dining set is so pretty! looks very stylish and comfortable! i hope you eat a lot of delicious things at it!

  2. wooden furniture are beautiful! i've noticed that wooden furniture are quite popular in Japan (well from the photos I've been seeing) i wish i had more natural wooden furniture at home :D

  3. Ochi,

    Wow,I love your new dining set.The color is so natural and the red cushion chair are so cute!!!

  4. i love it!!! i love how there is two types of seating as well! hehe! i can't wait to see the video! :D

  5. Hi, This dining table looks so cool. I also like your beautiful kitchen(o^-')b

  6. wow this dining set is simply elegant!the long chair looks so cool. wish i could have this. gonna check you youtube vid for this :)

  7. Hi Jenia,

    Thanks! I hope I can keep my table nice and tidy! haha

  8. Hi grub,

    Good point! We Japanese prefer natural wooden stuff! You really have a good taste about your home, so I can't wait to see what you find for your home!

  9. Thanks jose!

    I love the red, too! The color makes me happy ;)

  10. Hi Kym,

    These photos might be easier to understand, but I am still trying to edit my video. haha

  11. Hi again ShockGmen,

    Thanks for stopping by!!! It is nice to hear from you. hehe

  12. Hi Janice,

    Thanks!!! I need to finish up my video stuff as soon as I can. oops...

  13. OMG THE DINING SET!!!! Im super glad you decided to change your mind and order it in RED! It looks fabulous! I love it sooo much!!! You mac fits right on top and it looks so much at home already, I like this dining set so much I don't even know what to say except, I told my bf I want one too hahahahahahahhahaha

  14. Hi suki!‬

    ‪I finally updated it!!! Thanks for your comment, I changed my mind, and that was right!!!‬

    ‪Red wasn't that bright so I don't get bored of the color, which was good :D

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