Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Barrier Repair Baby Moist Lotion

I still haven't worn my down jacket yet, but it is getting cold and dry day by day in Tokyo. I hate the cold season because my skin dries!!! To avoid the dryness, I know I should better put layers of lotion and wait until my skin absorbs, but who wants to wait in the busy morning?! But if I skip this step, my skin always dries after I wore makeup... my skin is honest.

Anyway, last month, I got a free sample of cheap (7 bucks) lotion called Barrier Repair Baby Moist Lotion (Super Moist) from Mandom. I usually spend more (with whitening function) for my lotion, so I wasn't that interested in it at that time, but once I tried, I totally loved it!!!

Now I searched more details about the product, and found it was specialized for adult skin that tends to dry, which sounds perfect for me. Baby Moist Lotion penetrates quickly into the skin and moisturizes your skin because it contains hyaluronan which penetrates into your horny cell layer. Compared to the regular hyaluronan molecule, it's size is centesimal!!! I translated the image, so hope you get an idea :D

They have other products in line and I found their Repair Concentrate (all-in-one serum) is the best selling product. Maybe I should get a sample of it! But actually, I have my own serum, so it might not be my choice. Can't get too lazy. haha.

I don't usually write a beauty product review, but I always label my non-food-related posts under others (see left side bar), so please find more there ;) Of course, you can find my reviews on Food and Drink Products reviews there, too!!!

December is my birth month! I am receiving many birthday coupons. Best month for me to shop things :D

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  1. Ochi,

    I tend to get drier skin too as normally I sit in air-conditioning room more often than outdoor.You know,the weather here made me prefer air-conditioning room more.And I also get lazy to put on lotion everyday,that's why my skin is dry.I think I really need to take care more since I'm getting older..;)

  2. hi dear! i've seen the promotional video for this barrier repair baby moist line of products, very cute video :) after watching the video, i was thinking whether i shld try it too! but im loving Jill Stuart's Softening Fluid; it really softens the skin & aids penetration of moisturizer. so im not sure if i wanna switch & try this range...

    what i do need is a product that conceals/tightens pores! got visible pores around my higher-cheekbone-area & the area between eye & nose. any products to recommend me?

    love, mica

  3. hi again dear! i was browsing thru ur recipes just now over lunch & i love that heartshaped cutlet dish! hehe... u noe how excited i can get when i c things heartshaped... wanna try it out, hope mine will turn out as yummy looking as urs!

    p.s. if u've got the time, can u translate this dish: Maki Maki Japanese tonkatsu spinning bacon... looks really good!

    love, mica

  4. Hi jose,

    Yeah... At work, I try to stay well hydrated, but can't keep up X( You are still young, but it is always good to care about your skin before it gets too late! I just realized it...

  5. Hi mica,

    Yes! I think I heard from you about that, and many people loves that softener. If you are comfortable with that, stay with it!!! I always think we have to look for our own beauty products by ourselves. No one knows what's good for your skin, you know! But what we have to be careful is not to make stupid mistakes, such as not washing face in the morning. Ha-ha!!!

    Speaking of pores, I think moisturizer helps. If you mosit and soften your skin, they won't open up! But unfortunatelly, we cannot close them, so what we can do is not to worsen! I tried many of expensive serums (julique, aesop, helena, etc...) but none worked that good. Better than nothing mentally, though. haha

  6. Hi mica again!

    Oh, which recipe is that maki maki tonkatsu? I'm glad you loved my heart-shaped cutlet ;) Maybe I gotta catch up with my translation requests! I haven't finished 3 other recipes... I will add the tonkatsu to my list, too!!!

  7. i saw the Maki Maki Jap Tonkatsu dish here --->

    thanks for the summary of steps to take to cook this dish! i'll love to try it sometime soon, together with the heartshaped cutlet. i think the tricky part is inserting the toothpick... i'm too clumsy sometimes ;D

    love, mica

  8. OH n i noe what u mean abt not wanting to walk outside w/o makeup if i join the makeup world, cos earlier today, i came across this post... im so amazed by what make up can do!!!! the post is titled "OMG", as i looked through the step by step pics, i was really "omg-ing" all the way....

    here's the link ----->

  9. BF's using Aesop... he says it works for his skin condition, which is oily with acne. the aroma is really yucky though!? do u feel the same way? a far cry when compared with JS's sweet fruity floral scents... i refuse to try Aesop's prdts. a bit extreme isnt it? >_<

    i only tried Jurlique's Daily Exfoliating Cream with honey, almond bits & oats. absolutely love it! just have to press-release against the skin, and its mild enough to be used everyday!

    u shld try it if u haven already...

    OH n i read some gd reviews abt JS's pore solid essence. not sure if it'll work wonders, but i might give it a go. and if it works, i'll let u noe :)

    love, mica

  10. grrr! i know what you mean... come winter time, my skin on my hands dry and usually crack on the edges, causing it to bleed :( not a pretty sight!

    re: your comment... thanks! you have potential no matter what age you are! it just takes hard work! :D as for your question - i've always known that i love helping people and making people happy so i put that along with my love for design and t-shirts and voila! it does create a lot of pressure when creating things for others.. epecially b/c you want to make sure they love it!!! but in the end, you can't please everybody. :)

  11. oh wow this lotion looks so good! I've also seen it sold around some shops in my city but I never bought it before, I try to moisturize daily and even more now since its the dry cold season! I remember tokyo gets so cold so make sure you dress warm too!

    My nails are not premade, i go to the salon and get them done, im scared that premade ones will break off easily hahaha

    I do travel first class when there is room, which there usually are haha, because my boyfriend works for our airline, Air Canada, it's like Japan Airline in Japan, so we get discounts when we fly!

  12. Hi mica!

    Now I got it!!! I have one thing to fix for this recipe, so I will translate it after that :D That heart shape changes by the angle you cut the sausage. Give it a try and you will know! hehe.

    Woooooooooooooooooooooow OMG! That makeup is real OMG!!! How did you find the post. haha!

    Now I got you! You love aroma of the products, which is important to relax! But for me, Aesop is okay. I always weigh heavily on the quality. Funny thing is I used to hate natto but if I think of it's nutrition, why don't I eat it!? And now it's my favorite food. hehe.

    Yes! Always give a try. And if you liked it, you should stay with it without cheating :P That's what I read from beauty magazines! But today, there are too many attractive products, so how can I! haha!!!

    BTW, I searched @cosme, which is the largest cosmetics ranking site in Japan. They released the best cosmetic awards 2010 yesterday and the JILL STUART's cheek was of course the overall grand prix! Then regarding the serum category, HR was the 1st and the 2nd was this Repair Concentrate! I was thinking of getting the 3rd place INFINITY by KOSE, so glad to know that it was awarded!!!

  13. Hi Kym,

    Yes! The same for my hands!!! I cook every day, so my hands can easily crack when they are too dry X( ouch!!! Imagine if I dip my fingers in soy sauce X(

    Thanks again for your comment!!! Your words are convincing! It is true that we can't please all... I do the customer care as well at work, but some are crazy that they don't even listen to me. But, yes, like you, hard work pay off. I will try to keep that in my mind and never give up! Thanks!!!

  14. Hi suki pooki,

    Thanks for your kind words! I'll try to keep warm :D

    So your nails are gel nails?! I know what you mean! I tried the calgel and that did not break off easily :)

    Wow! I envy you!!! I never took first class trip!!! Your bf is cool ;)


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