Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Barrier Repair Baby Moist Lotion

I still haven't worn my down jacket yet, but it is getting cold and dry day by day in Tokyo. I hate the cold season because my skin dries!!! To avoid the dryness, I know I should better put layers of lotion and wait until my skin absorbs, but who wants to wait in the busy morning?! But if I skip this step, my skin always dries after I wore makeup... my skin is honest.

Anyway, last month, I got a free sample of cheap (7 bucks) lotion called Barrier Repair Baby Moist Lotion (Super Moist) from Mandom. I usually spend more (with whitening function) for my lotion, so I wasn't that interested in it at that time, but once I tried, I totally loved it!!!

Now I searched more details about the product, and found it was specialized for adult skin that tends to dry, which sounds perfect for me. Baby Moist Lotion penetrates quickly into the skin and moisturizes your skin because it contains hyaluronan which penetrates into your horny cell layer. Compared to the regular hyaluronan molecule, it's size is centesimal!!! I translated the image, so hope you get an idea :D

They have other products in line and I found their Repair Concentrate (all-in-one serum) is the best selling product. Maybe I should get a sample of it! But actually, I have my own serum, so it might not be my choice. Can't get too lazy. haha.

I don't usually write a beauty product review, but I always label my non-food-related posts under others (see left side bar), so please find more there ;) Of course, you can find my reviews on Food and Drink Products reviews there, too!!!

December is my birth month! I am receiving many birthday coupons. Best month for me to shop things :D

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