Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wrong Belief

To tell the truth, I don't like Japanese (as a subject). I remember my parents used to worry about my Japanese language when I came back to Japan at 5th grade of elementary school because we used to live overseas (in Jordan) for 6 years.

Back then, everyone focused on my Japanese and that made me really sick of reading books and writing Kanji, and strangely I still think the same way. LoL

Majority opinion gives the wrong belief?!

Also, many people said I am not good at sports, so I still feel in that way, too.

Do you have anything that you are not good at just because others said so?

Vice versa, I like cooking because my darling really enjoys eating my dishes. hehe

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  1. When I was young, my older sister would tell me I was bad at everything she liked to do; singing, art, etc. It took me a long time to find the courage to even try those things, but I am glad I did! I got to travel to Italy with my choir when I was in college and that was one of the best experiences of my life. :) Sometimes we have to silence the voices around us and just do our best.

    I'm really glad you're man encourages your cooking! I love to read your recipes and see your photos. :D

  2. I hate MATH =_= In school I never had a good relationship with it and even almost got kicked out because my math grade was to bad (((
    I really wish I was good at math and kept trying to master it but I still fail every test no matter how hard I try XD I must be stupid or smth... I dunno.

    Oh how come you hate Japanese! I love Japanese! I am studying it for two years now. :D
    I also cook for my boyfriend mainly, if I didnt have him, I would probably eat instant noodle everyday lol.

  3. haha i'm bad at math, like really bad...i used to go to tutors and tuition centres and see teachers after class but it never really improved. but heh at least i somewhat passed the high school exams last year :P

    hrm i'm also bad at political studies (too boring and don't get it) and sports too.

    but when i get a bit better at it, i start liking it until it gets to a point where i start hating it again XD

    hrm i kind of feel the same way about Japanese with you now. it was quite enjoyable in high school but in uni its not quite what i expected it to be. but i'll still learn it so i can read blogs and manga :P

  4. hmmm when I was younger I told my dad I wanted to be an astronaut but he said that I wasn't smart enough hahaha and my mom got so mad at home because of that! She said why do you crush children dreams with reality =P

    But I really don't mind, like other people Im also very poor in math. I hate numbers a lot and almost didn't pass high school math! =P But sometimes even now, what other people say sort of affects me no matter what it's about but I think it's important to not let it get you down! Im glad that you're a strong person now and yes your cooking looks delicious!!!!

  5. Hello Ochi!

    Thank you for visiting my blog again!

    You know, it's funny because after living in the USA for many years, my family became concerned for me because I was becoming too "American". We moved to the USA from Venezuela when I was 13, and I don't think it was because I was going away from my culture, more like teenage years are difficult for everyone, and I was behaving like a typical teenager.

    I still sometimes get teased by them when I mess up my grammar in spanish. It's embarrassing, so I started to watch more spanish TV, and reading more books in spanish so I do not forget my native language. My husband is interested in learning my language, so he is taking language classes, and we speak spanish at home. The problem now is that I am forgetting my english!! Haha, I guess you can't win them all, no?

    I'm glad to hear your husband encourages you to keep on cooking, your food always looks so professional and delicious! Sorry for the long comment!!

  6. Hi ReBekha,

    Oh, your sister… but I pretty much understand her because I am the oldest, too. haha But how amazing you found the courage!!! I think the idea of silence is true… I always try not to be like others but do my best!

  7. Hi Jenia,

    I liked math but I forgot the most after my schooltime… so don't worry. haha
    I think studying is just about learning how to LEARN something that you don't know. You can always learn after schooltime but if you don't know where to start, you can't even start… so maybe that's why we study, I believe...

    I totally agree with the cooking stuff. I don't cook if my darling says he is going to eat out today. haha

  8. Hi grub,

    Same to you?! For me, I hate readings… so I really hate the reading questions… I think I imagine too much while reading, so that's why I end up misunderstanding what author means… If the reading relates to my interest, something like cooking or my friend's blog posts, I can understand but if it's like a novel, I can't. haha

    You can read manga?! That's cool :D

  9. Hi suki,

    Astronaut, that's a great dream!!! But I understand your dad. Maybe because you are a cute girl, he hoped something different. hehe


You know what! I can be strong because my darling always supports me. I think I couldn't make this decision without him. I'm actually too serious. haha

  10. Hi Theda,

    I didn't know you were from Venezuela!!! I know many people who cannot speak their parents' language but you are trying your best! Amazing!!!

    And how supportive your hubby is ;) 

    I really thank for your comment, btw!!!

  11. Funny my mom used to say she hated studying Japanese too! Sometimes I think you two are so much alike, free spirits doing their own things!!

    I don't like sewing and counting numbers money, inventory ect.. Since I don't like these things I feel I'm not good at it! When I'm bored at something, it's hard for me to stay focused, especially as I've grown older!!

  12. Hi Jo,

    I'm glad that your mom understands me. hahaha
    I'm not good at numbers, too... I liked math but makes my brain very tired...


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