Friday, November 2, 2007

What a Bad Day!

Usually, I go to work 45 minutes before the start time.
This morning, there was an injury accident on the Tokyo subway (Marunouchi line).
It happened 2 minutes before my usual train.
At that time, railway station staff said there is no prospect for the recovery.
So I decided to take a different line using the free railway ticket that he gave out.
However, since I didn't know another way to go to work, I ended up taking a taxi.

I arrived at office as usual.
Of course no one was there.

I thought no one could come before the workday begins, but somehow everyone came on time.
My supervisor said that the train was packed but was in service!
(he usually come just in time)

Even worse, I forgot to get a receipt.
(I can't bill my company for my transportation expenses...)

It's not my day today...

"The early bird catches the worm" is not true.
I thought I'd rather be late than coming early.

Back to my cooking.
I don't feel like introducing something today.
Yesterday, I lost the prize at Salt Kelp competition.
It might have been a sign of my bad luck to come :(

Anyway, today is Friday!
See you on Monday!
Have a good weekend! (to me as well)

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