Sunday, May 16, 2021

Agepan (Deep Fried Bread Rolls Recipe) | Japanese Cooking Video

Agepan (Deep Fried Bread Roll) is the best and typical school lunch menu ☺️

Very tasty yet delicious. MUST TRY 💕

At school, top half of the bread is coated with sugar topping. In this way it is easy to eat. Sure I understand. Great idea 👍

The bread roll we use is called "Koppepan" similar to a hot dog bun.

Agepan (Deep Fried Bread Rolls Recipe)
Agepan (Deep Fried Bread Rolls Recipe)


Agepan (Deep Fried Bread Rolls Recipe)

Difficulty: Easy
Number of servings: 4 servings

4 bread rolls or bread crusts are good!
4 tbsp. soybean flour
4 tbsp. granulated sugar
deep frying oil

1. In a steel tray, mix soybean flour and granulated sugar.
2. Deep fry in oil (160C=320F) for about 10 seconds on both sides until golden.
3. Coat or top with the soybean sugar to finish.

FYI: Only sugar is okay. Cinnamon sugar is good, too!


I use an Enamel Deep Frying Pot

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