Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kobe Pudding Flavored Kit Kat

Do you remember me writing about Kobe Pudding?
I believe you don't. He-he!

Yesterday, my co-worker gave me a Kit Kat with Kobe Pudding flavor!!! It is a limited edition made in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of Kobe Pudding. It tasted like pudding but you won't realize it until you are told what the flavor is :P

BTW, I once found wasabi (Japanese horseradish) flavored Kit Kat at Tokyo station. Yuck, but wanna try that someday!!!

I am really busy these days. I wish I have more time... but I am writing my post! And I'm gonna attend the hula class tonight!!! They are something different, you know! jose understands me ;)

See ya :D

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  1. ahhhh i love different flavoured kit kats!!! hehe! ;P and thanks for the compliments on my photoshoot.. sadly, i wasn't the one with the photographing skillz, that was my friend... i was just the "director" ;P

  2. Hi Kym,

    Thanks for visiting!!!

    Ha-ha! Do you find any suggestive kit kats there?!

    You were a director?! Cool!!!


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