Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Last weekend was a 3-day weekend, so my darling and I went to Kobe to visit my grandma to make Ikanago no Kugini (my favorite dish) together!!!

Ikanago no Kugini is a specialty in Hyogo prefecture. It can be cooked and eaten during a specific period of time around March. Thanks to the holiday, I could finally visit my grandma!!!

Day 1:

We took Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) from Shinagawa (Tokyo) at 6:27AM. We bought Ekiben (bento box sold at the railway station) for our breakfast. As soon as we arrived at 9:08, we strolled around 三宮 (Sannomiya) 元町 (Motomachi) China town and the bay area (Kobe Port Tower and Kobe Harborland umie). Obviously it was so early that most stores were still not open till 11AM. LOL We had lunch at Frantz (famous for magic pot pudding, if you know). The harbor view from the restaurant was amazing. Then we walked all the way back to 三宮 (Sannomiya). In the shopping street, you can find 生田神社 (Ikuta shrine), the god of marriage and longevity. For dinner, we happened to find a real good and inexpensive restaurant called 鹿鳴茶流 (Rokumei saryu). They use deer meat for their dishes. They were amazingly healthy and delicious!!! We stayed at the hotel called Crowne Plaza ANA Kobe. Very convenient next door to Shin-Kobe rail station. The hotel overlooks the city of Kobe.

Day 2:

My grandma lives 1 hour away from Shin-Kobe station. I visited her with my darling to make Ikanago no Kugini :) Hopefully, I will make a video of it soon!!! We had a real good bento lunch box together. Those plates are printed on the bento box, so you cannot remove them. hehe

Day 3:

We went to the Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens next to the hotel, and took a ropeway up to the mountain top! You can enjoy the panoramic view of Kobe. Also, you can enjoy herb dining buffet there! In the afternoon, we walked around Kitano area where there are many Ijinkan (foreign residences). The train back to Tokyo was at 19:46. We bought Ekiben at 淡路屋 (Awajiya). Their beef bowl bento is famous. We arrived back to Tokyo at 22:26.

I miss my oba-chan (grandma)!!! I remember I visited Harborland and Ijinkan with her many many years ago. Time flies. But she hasn't changed since my childhood. I will visit her again someday soon :)

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