Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Il Giorno Della Mimosa

On 3/8, I did few hours overtime since I couldn't finish my work! I really wanted to go home early, so I was pretty frustrated about it. However, my darling was waiting for me at the train station, gave me a bunch of mimosa, and thanked me! I wasn't sure what it meant, so I was still feeling emotionally stressed. Then he explained me that in Italy men give the bunch of mimosa to women as a sign of thanks on 3/8!

By the way, 3/9 is thank you day in Japan. We read the number three "san" and nine "kyu", so that is why.

Anyway, my darling reminded me to thank people at any time!

Thank you :D

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  1. That was so cute of him....


  2. How nice Ochi, we don't have a thank you day here! I think we need to! Your flowers are beautiful, and your honey was very thoughtful to give them to you!

  3. Ochi,

    He was ROMANTIC!!!!!

    I felt the romantic-ness too here from your post.I would be happy too if receive flowers from my love..but he not sending me any.


  4. Hi Jenn,

    I didn't expect to receive it, so I was happy! Very simple! Ha-ha!

  5. Hi Jo,

    He was nice to me on this day! I'm glad he found the day to thank me :D

  6. Hi jose,

    Tell Ken that you love flowers! I told my darling that I love flowers and want to receive them whenever!!! Otherwise, some guys think it's a waste to get flowers... you know X(


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