Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Unintended TV Broadcast :(

I knew I shouldn't expect too much from TV interview but this was absolutely unintended and disappointing...

When I started YouTube, creators created videos without any support of revenue system. You can tell how passionate they were and still now... now creator intentions are changing and media features such trend. disappointing indeed... :(

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  1. Hi Ochi-san! I believe most of us long-time viewers would be able to know you are doing Youtube videos for the passion of sharing simple recipes. I remember you mentioned your motivation for starting your Youtube channel in 2011, and I salute you for all your regular updates. Take a break if need be; nothing matters more than your family and you. Stay happy! Just like your blog name: Create, Eat, Happy ��

    1. arigato! i am happy that many of my viewers know me well :) i must think i am lucky to confirm it!!! i will try to forget about this broadcast and move forward. thank you!!!

  2. Hi from Canada!

    I've never commented on your videos or blog, but as a long time viewer, your video made me really sad. You can see the love and passion in all of your videos. For someone to hint otherwise, that's just mean-spirited.

    I'm sorry that some adults can be such bullies. I fully understand why you need a break and some you time. Keep smiling! :) ♡


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