Friday, October 19, 2007

I Love Japanese Pumpkin!

Yes! I came back to write my diary.

This morning, before I left for work, I took a picture of my pumpkin dish which I made last night. Since it was little dark in the morning I am not satisfied with the exposure, but it is better than the room light...

Anyway I love Japanese pumpkin!
Japanese pumpkin has slight sweetness and it is not soggy. I mushed the pumpkin and cooked non-sweet Yokan (which is usually sweet) using soy milk and agar to mold. I ate it with Wasabi and soy sauce like Sashimi. It was delicious :)
Will write recipe in English if anyone wants to know.
Recipe in Japanese is here.

I usually cook for my boyfriend TJ.
He doesn't like sweet stuff so almost all of my recipes are not so sweet, which might be good for health though.

Different story but I don't like my work. I mean my boss. He lacks management skill and always hassles me.

Today is Friday. I can't wait for the weekend!!!
Will write on Monday again.

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