Thursday, October 25, 2007

Juicy Parmesan Cheese Omelette

My boyfriend likes juicy food.
In other words, he likes food that doesn't remain in his mouth for long...
He's not that old (32) though.

Anyway, one day I cooked a juicy omelette for him.
I layered thin slices of eggplant in the omelette.
For seasoning, I used Parmesan Cheese to make it rich.

Recently, I won the second prize at Parmesan Cheese competition!
Thanks for my boyfriend :)

By the way, this competition was organized by Cookpad "No.1 recipe search/posting site in Japan".
They have many competitions weekly, so I am enjoying and trying to create new recipes all the time.

Recipe in Japanese is here.
I will write in English if anyone wants.

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