Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Apple Grey Vinegar Tea

Monday was a holiday and yesterday I was busy, so I couldn't keep my diary...
Yesterday, my supervisor caught a stomach flu and we canceled our convivial party. I don't like to hang out with my supervisor since he is not good at managing his business and I am sick of it, so to tell the truth I was relieved.
I don't want to waste time moaning about my supervisor, so I'm gonna stop.

On Sunday, I created 5 new recipes as usual.
One of them was a drink recipe using apple vinegar.
I received some vinegar products from Mizkan as free samples and I needed to submit "a sour drink recipe" as a task.
I added the apple vinegar and honey to the Twinings Earl Grey Tea.
I came up with this idea since I like Twinings Lady Grey Tea which has refreshing flavours of orange, lemon and bergamot.
My idea was good and I liked what I made, but I realized that I misunderstood the definition of "sour drink" after I submitted my work.
Sour drink is a drink made by soaking fruits and sugar in vinegar for more than a week. The flavor of the fruit will be added to the vinegar after a period of time. When ready, you dilute it with water (or soda or anything you like) and drink.
The vinegar contains nutritional elements that are effective in relieving fatigue. Also it reduces blood cholesterol levels and there are many other good things for your health.
Anyway, I will try again and soak something by next week :)

This is all for today!
Write again tomorrow, hopefully!!!

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