Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fish Sausage

It is not that cold today but it gonna snow this weekend!!!
I hate the cold weather but want to see the snow :)

Anyway, today I want to write about Fish Sausage.
Recently I won the free trial of it.
It was offered by a Japanese company called Nissui.

Last year, they developed their package not using aluminum clip.
This might be the reason why they gave out free trials!
Their Fish Sausage is made of minced white fish using no eggs.
It contains 300ml of calcium / 85g.

Last night I made a rice bowl dish using this Fish Sausage.
I crumbled it using my fingertips and fried in the pan with a little seasoning of grated ginger, sake, soy sauce and sugar.
It goes good with white rice!!!
I arranged it with scrambled eggs and green beans to make it colorful and happy :)
My boyfriend loved it!!!

Sorry in Japanese but I have a recipe here.

This is all for today.
Will write tomorrow.

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