Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I am drowsy now...

Today, I went to the partner company's exhibition in Shinagawa.
I attend it every year and was the third time this year.
Every year, before I return to my office, I walk around Shinagawa station.
ecute is a pretty cool place, so I love to go there.
They have many popular stores, such as Cold Stone!

Today, I tried the muffins at She Knows Muffin.
They have many different flavors.
I tried Earl Grey, Soybean Flour and Honey Bran.
They have very small muffins which is about 1.5 inches wide, so you can try many different flavors at once!
Their crunchy muffin tops were great!!!
Those were simmilar to the muffins I used to eat in the US!
I want to bake some muffins this weekend!

Also at ecute, there were Valentine's day Tanzaku (are the small pieces of paper to write wishes, sometimes in the form of poetry, hanging them on bamboo).
I wrote a message to my boyfriend :)

Okay, all for today!
Good night.

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