Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cupcake Decoration

The spell check function is not working since last week... Only me?
Hope it comes back someday.

Anyway, writing about last Sunday, I created 5 new recipes as usual.
One of them is the cupcake!
Recently decorated cupcakes are getting popular in Japan.
Japanese love American stuff!
Those are something like Eleni's and Ruthy's cupcakes in NY at Chelsea Market.
Eleni's cupcakes are colorful & cute!
Ruthy's Sesame Street cupcakes are awesome!!!
Those kinds of cupcakes are now seen at many stores in Japan.

So, for that reason, I decorated my cupcakes :)
I chose pop colors since those are the latest concerned with fashion this coming season!
I used philadelphia cream cheese for both cupcakes and frosting (white chocolate ganache colored green).
The slight sour taste of the cream cheese is delicious!!!
For the butterflies, I used raspberry chocolate.
I have the recipe here, but in Japanese... sorry.

Okay, time to go.
See you tomorrow, hopefully!!!

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