Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Accomplishments

It is cloudy today. The temperature is not that high but very humid! I hate taking a crowded train on a humid day like this!!! I always listen to my iPod to be in my own world.

My supervisor is quite an eccentric person. He was concentrating on his stuff, so he ignored about the planned meeting... I know he didn't forget about it. He just didn't mention. He is a person who cares less about the others :(

Anyway, the below are the results of my recent work.

On June 12th, my pink colored sushi won the jury's special award at a photo contest that asked for sakura (pink) colored photos that make people happy. I rolled anago (conger eel) and nanohana (field mustard) with sushi rice colored pink with sakura denbu (which is pink colored & seasoned shredded codfish). It is kind of complicated but it was organized by LENA JAPON at edita community's monitor plaza. Now the contests are everywhere in a wide variety of subjects on the web, used as a promotional tool!

Then on June 14th, my tortilla sushi recipe (sushi rice gives a rich taste!) won a prize at MUJI's contest using their food products. They have some flour products that can easily make pancakes, pizza dough, tortillas etc.. Also, they have many varieties of sauce products such as salsa, cheese, anchovy olive etc... They asked people to combine both and create new recipes.

Then on June 16th, my recipe and other user's recipe using heinz's demiglace sauce and white sauce products were published to the Cookpad's site! They have a project asking their users to try those selected recipes to win prizes. It is an interesting promotional strategy.
I made a gravy sauce using the demiglace sauce and put it in the heart shaped mashed potatoes.

I thought I won't be able to write my diary, but I could!
Gotta go now! Good night.

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