Monday, August 25, 2008


Hi! It is raining and we only have high 77F (25C) today. It seems like the fall weather has come. The forecast says it won't be back up to 90s any more. I hate the hot humid weather but how sad... I haven't worn all my summer clothes yet :(

You know what!? I just joined a gym last Friday! Don't say that I'm influenced by Olympic athletes! (well... maybe a little though.) I have been there everyday since then, so I have sore muscles. But I realized I like to jog and work out! Hope I can continue like I cook everyday. I need to burn fat, and improve my strength and metabolism! Right now, I have a low basal metabolic rate, which means I am more likely to gain weight if I eat much.

Anyway, I lost the prize at Haagen-Dazs's contest. I thought my work is creative... The prize was gift cards for the ice cream, so I am sure that I don't need them now but I am dissatisfied with the result :(

Okay. Time to go to bed.
Good night!

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