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Delicious Beef Sukiyaki (Authentic Homemade Traditional Japanese Nabe Hot Pot) Recipe - Video Recipe

Sukiyaki is traditional and popular Japanese hot pot (nabemono) cooked with thinly sliced beef and some vegetables in soy based broth. It is usually cooked at the table and dipped into beaten fresh raw eggs to eat.

Authentic homemade traditional Japanese sukiyaki recipe

Of course, you can make it with chicken or pork but beef is the best!


Sukiyaki (Japanese Nabe Hot Pot)

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 30min
Number of servings: 4

400g (0.8lb.) thinly sliced beef
1 yaki-dofu (grilled tofu)
8 musubi shirataki (bundles of translucent konnyaku noodles)
4 shiitake mushroom
3 long green onion
1 chikuwabu (chikuwa shaped dumpling)
200g (0.4lb.) shungiku (garland chrysanthemum)
beef fat (or cooking oil)
warishita (sukiyaki sauce) seasonings
* 100cc kombu broth (or water)
* 100cc sake
* 100cc mirin (sweet sake)
* 100cc soy sauce
* 3-4 tbsp. sugar
udon noodles if desired
fresh raw eggs if desired

1. Cut yaki-dofu into bite sized pieces. Boil musubi shirataki 2-3 minutes in order to remove dirt. Remove stems and decorative cut shiitake mushrooms. Slice long green onion diagonally into 7cm (2.5inches) pieces. Cut chikuwabu diagonally into bite-sized pieces. Separate shungiku leaves and stalks, cut leaves into bite-sized pieces and cut stalks diagonally.
2. Melt beef fat in Nabe (large casserole pan) and move around to oil the entire base. Cook few slices of long green onion, shiitake scraps, and shungiku stalks, add beef, sprinkle a bit of sugar and sake from warishita seasonings, cover and steam until half-cooked (about 3 minutes on medium). Then remove the beef and set aside.
3. Add the rest of warishita (sukiyaki sauce) seasonings and vegetables, and simmer until almost done (about 5 minutes on medium). Then put back the beef and simmer until everything is done (about 5 minutes on medium). If desired, dip sukiyaki into beaten fresh raw eggs to eat!

You can add udon if desired. It goes great with Sukiyaki!

The next day, you can simmer the leftover broth with beaten eggs and make rice bowls. yummy!!!


I don't like raw egg, though...

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