Saturday, September 6, 2008

Change in Garbage Collection

Hi! We are still in the 86F (30C) with lots of humidity! But while it's hot, we don't have to wear heavy clothes, which is good!!!

Anyway, how do you throw out your garbage?

We recently had a change in garbage collection. We used to throw plastics and rubber as noncombustible garbage, but from October, those are collected as combustible garbage! (I translated the image.)

The reason for the change is landfill shortage. They say there gonna be full after 30 years, so they need to burn up plastics and rubber. However, some people say that they have actually started to burn up those recently... so we've been meaninglessly separating those for a while... :( Anyway, I hated to separate plastics and rubber from combustible garbage because it's too detailed, so this change reduces my housework!!!

In our area (depending on the cities) garbage should be divided into 7 groups before you put them out. Some items will be recycled. The collection days vary according to the groups and the areas.

1. Paper (newspapers, cardboard and magazines)
2. Glass Bottles
3. Cans
4. Plastic Bottles

5. Combustible Garbage (kitchen scraps, fallen leaves & branches, clothing, diapers, paper scraps, plastics, rubber, etc.)
6. Noncombustible Garbage (Metals, glassware, etc.)

*Large-Sized Items*
7. Items with any side 30 cm (12 inches) or larger.

We should put out our garbage by 8:00 a.m. on the collection day! Regarding the kitchen scraps, we need to cover garbage bags with fine-mesh nets to keep crows from pecking them open!

I now got used to this garbage rules, but when I first came back from NY, it was a pain in the neck!!!

Okay, I gotta see my orthodontist!
See you again next week!
Have a good weekend :)

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