Saturday, September 6, 2008

Change in Garbage Collection

Hi! We are still in the 86F (30C) with lots of humidity! But while it's hot, we don't have to wear heavy clothes, which is good!!!

Anyway, how do you throw out your garbage?

We recently had a change in garbage collection. We used to throw plastics and rubber as noncombustible garbage, but from October, those are collected as combustible garbage! (I translated the image.)

The reason for the change is landfill shortage. They say there gonna be full after 30 years, so they need to burn up plastics and rubber. However, some people say that they have actually started to burn up those recently... so we've been meaninglessly separating those for a while... :( Anyway, I hated to separate plastics and rubber from combustible garbage because it's too detailed, so this change reduces my housework!!!

In our area (depending on the cities) garbage should be divided into 7 groups before you put them out. Some items will be recycled. The collection days vary according to the groups and the areas.

1. Paper (newspapers, cardboard and magazines)
2. Glass Bottles
3. Cans
4. Plastic Bottles

5. Combustible Garbage (kitchen scraps, fallen leaves & branches, clothing, diapers, paper scraps, plastics, rubber, etc.)
6. Noncombustible Garbage (Metals, glassware, etc.)

*Large-Sized Items*
7. Items with any side 30 cm (12 inches) or larger.

We should put out our garbage by 8:00 a.m. on the collection day! Regarding the kitchen scraps, we need to cover garbage bags with fine-mesh nets to keep crows from pecking them open!

I now got used to this garbage rules, but when I first came back from NY, it was a pain in the neck!!!

Okay, I gotta see my orthodontist!
See you again next week!
Have a good weekend :)

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  1. Ohayo Ochi,

    Out here where I live in the rural country, we burn our light plastics, and paper products. We have big burning barrels, and use big sticks to stir up the garbage.

    We throw our vegetable peels on our sand mound -septic system which is a earth hill of grass.

    The only thing we do send to garbage are cans, some glass products, magazines which don't burn well, and diapers from my nephews!

  2. Hi Ochi,

    Wow,Japan's garbage system was so systematics.You people even divided the noncombustible garbage,combustible garbage and even the sizes.

    Here in Malaysia,we do had big bin for papers,cans or bottles every where in town including housing area.We had a small booth for peoples to throw the unused or recycleable stuff.

    But we did not seperate the rubbish ourself.There will be some people who in charge of the rubbish.I think Malaysia person should do what you guys doing,at least new generation will know learn from it.

  3. Since early this year, Westchester Co. has garbage collection rule as well.

    We have to separate recyclable from our garbage... if you are using public garbage collection system.

    I believe it is some what enforced rule, so not that strict as Tokyo Mandate.

    Personally, some of Tokyo's separation rule did not make sense... for a while... since they did not actually had facility to recycle some of items they claimed, they are going to recycle.

    But I guess, they are starting to correct those oddity.

  4. Hello jo!

    My grandparents had the burning barrels long ago! However, their area was forbidden to burn any household waste sometime in the past... Also, there is a rule against burning leaves in the city. Now we can't even burn fallen leaves and bake sweet potatoes in fall! Do you know that custom in Japan?

    >>sand mound -septic system
    I saw a trash can that does something like that but it was very expensive! It is not cost-effective. Your's is nature-friendly and that should be original goal :)

  5. Hi jose!

    Very interesting to know that, jose!
    I think your's is similar to the garbage pickup in NYC.

    You know what!? In Japan, we don't have dustbins everywhere. We do have dustbins for cans and bottles close to vending machines but not for other rubbish. You have to take them home and separate :(
    I heared it is to avoid people from littering dangerous substance but I'm not sure... It is very inconvenient anyway.

  6. Hi Hide-san!

    Really!? I thought recyclables should be separated in your area since early times! I think I did separate those... but not in NYC.

    I think our separation rules are too much! They vary from area to area, you know... For instance, in Saitama, they collect plastics and rubber as combustible garbage for a long time!

    You are right about recyclables :(
    Since we all have a habit to separate the garbage, it should be easier for them to manage though.

  7. Genki-??
    It's my first time to post a comment here-
    When I was living in Japan (Oh my God.. it's 12 years ago!), we didn't need to separate anything but papers like magazines and newspapers.

    A couple of years ago, when I went back to Japan for vacation, my mom screamed at garbage can saying, "who the heck throw plastic in a regular garbage bin!!" Of course it was me. I didn't know the rule!! My sister taught me the logo of plastic (PURA :-)) and now I know I should pay more attention to what I toss away.

    Anyway, I went to a strip club as my girlfriends' bachelorette party this weekend. I posted a diary and some pics- and I think you will like it. :-)

    Talk to you later!

  8. Hi Linda-san!

    Right! Trash separation started over the past decade, so there is no wonder you don't separate the garbage!
    You know what!? While I was in NY, my friends came to see me, stayed my house, and separated all the garbage!!! I said they don't have to though... It was very weird to see them doing that at that time but now I understand how they felt! If you once get used to separate, you feel you're not supposed to throw the garbage together. I hope I can throw "pura" together with combustible garbage from next month because somehow I still think "pura" won't burn!

    >>strip club
    For bachelorette party?! That's your style!
    Okay, I will take a peep!

  9. Well, there were trash separation prior, and there were different set of rule per municipality. As for county wide, it was recommended to separate trash, but hardly it was mandatory.

    New rule since January changed that to county wide enforcement of separating recyclable with penalty of refusing to pick up/accept trash if recyclables are not separated.

    So, if you were in the municipality or apartment building with more strict recycling policy, there weren't much surprise... but for some of rather care free community, it was very strong change in the policy.

  10. Hello Hide-san!

    With penalty?! That's a big change!!!
    I thought the garbage in the US was separated afterwards by someone...
    To cherish what one has, maybe the rule will play a positive role!

    I didn't know that it depended on where we lived. At my boyfriend's apartment, people threw out the garbage in a mailbox-like hole. It was very surprising because we can dump garbage from 30 stories high or more!


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