Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer 2009 in New York

Our days in NY were really fast. Luckily, we enjoy fine weather with blue sky almost daily. I can't believe we are back in Japan now X(

I will select and post pics briefly since I fall behind in everything.

Bethesda Fountaint in Central Park with my boyfriend.
CHEESEBURGER Platter at Jackson Hole - topped with American Cheese with Bacon, Served with Steak Fries, Lettuce and Tomato. I ordered Veggie version of BALDOUNI BURGER instead of meat (which was light, healthy and delicious!): Topped with Fried Onions, American Cheese & Sautéed Mushrooms. We visited Ground Zero. Surprisingly, the site was still under construction. We had back and forth Staten Island Ferry trips. The ferry is free from lower Manhattan to Staten Island. However, since I had a glass of wine at Jackson Hole, I slept back and forth on the ferry...

The High Line: a 1.45-mile (2.33 km) section of the former elevated freight railroad of the West Side Line, in Chelsea along the lower west side of Manhattan.
Green grass and flowers coming out from railway tracks were beautiful. We had a nice walk ;)

July 4th dinner at our favorite restaurant josie's east. Grilled Natural Chicken Breast Teriyaki and Freshly Ground Char-Grilled Brandt Natural Beef Cheeseburger. We saw fireworks way back to hotel through 42nd Street.

We had brunch at Sarabeth's Kitchen. Their Popeye Eggs were really delicious!!! The weather was super fine on this day. We found many bridal couples at Central Park. How romantic :)

Don't you think these sculptures funny?! Water from Hello Kitty and Miffy's eyes... They were located in front of an office building.

We had a special dinner at David Burke which was $20.09! You can get an appetizer, main course and dessert of your choice ;) Everything was great for our last dinner in NY.

On the very last day, before the bus time, we went to Central Park. Under the clear blue sky, we had sandwiches and coffee for breakfast. I wished time could stop for us. Believe it or not, guess what my boyfriend said?!
"Let's come back again next year after the marriage."
Was that his proposal?!?! I was super happy. It was something more than I expected.

I need to confirm him about it, though. Ha-ha!!!

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  1. wow! it looks like you had a great time with all the yummy food and sightseeing. and if your boyfriend was really proposing to you ... CONGRATULATIONS! how sweet :)

  2. Hi Ochi,

    I see you had a wonderful and romantic time! Moments are all you make them to be!

    I hope someday to visit ground zero! I've never been to any of those restaurants you mentioned, they must be exclusive of N.Y.!

    The food looks wonderful though, especially the chicken at josie's east! I'll know where to dine if I visit!

  3. That's a sneaky proposal!! :)
    I find it very cute, though!
    Did you answer him?? How are you going to confirm it??
    The way he proposed you- was it TJ-like???
    I'm so curious! AND happy for you!
    Tell us the details, please!!

  4. hi Ochi,
    you have a great time with your boyfriend in New York!!
    That's mean you will marry with him next year....congratulations!!!!!
    Must tell us after you confirm with him!!!!!

  5. Hi fran,

    Food in NY was really great!
    I wish all restaurants I like are available in Japan.
    Anyway, I hope my bf remembers what he said!

  6. Ohayo jo,

    I think it was for the first time since then to visit ground zero. Little change but not much progress, I guess...

    Restaurants we chose were great! But I regret we tried Morimoto. Ha-ha!!!

    The chicken at josie's was great! They serve food with a lot of grilled vegetables, which is great! They used to have a sushi bar, but it was removed when we went. I remember sushi they served was creative and delicious! It was better than Morimoto's. I mean, Morimoto's food is not Japanese or American. That's why I didn't like.

  7. Linda-san,

    Yes. Really sneaky. Ha-ha. It was just like him!
    What was good about is that he made me surprise ;)
    I can't think of any other romantic situation, so I hope this was his proposal. Ha-ha ;)
    I said yes, but I don't know how I can confirm it with him. Hmm...
    Maybe later...

  8. Hi anGeLine,

    I hope there is some kind of progress in our relationship, but nothing has changed yet. Ha-ha!!!
    I will let you know if we are really going to get together :)

  9. Hi Ochi,

    Finally,you're back to Japan.

    Your photos looked cool.Must be fun,right??

    And your boyfriend so cute..I really think he was giving hint to you,trying to find out how you react.

    Congratulations,Ochi..happy for you

  10. Hi jose,

    Yes. It was so much fun!!!
    I wish I could have more holidays!!!

    Where do you go for your vacation, jose?!

    Thanks for congrats. I hope it wasn't a mistake!

  11. Hey Ochi,

    I forgot to tell you, I loved your photos. You take wonderful pictures, and I love your long hair.

    I've been trying to grow mine back, but seems to not grow very long! I had to clean the tub drain today, had mostly my hair in it! Wish I had all the hair that falls out!

  12. Hi jo,

    I think it is really difficult to take pics as I see. Can't compare to your beautiful pics of nature!

    Right. It takes time to grow hair after the certain length. Me, too! Our tub drain is full of my hair X( Also, on the floor of the rooms. I sometimes feel scared to see them all falling out!

  13. Hello Ochisan!

    I'm really sorry for my delayed replies.

    My love to eat...yes,you're right,"talong"talong is eggplant.

    and the other one,isn't pineapple,it's jackfruit.

    My Simple Shots...

    Yes,Actually both of us.

    and the rice and egg,are here in the philippines,not in japan.

    Thank you for all your comments.

    Have a Nice Day!

  14. Hi again!
    You really had,a romantic days in New York.
    Your pictures is really beautiful,the food in so amazing!
    you had really,a very relax moment together.

    You made your days very special...

  15. Hi merce-san,

    I'm glad to hear from you, but don't be sorry!!!
    I know we are all busy!!!

    Wow!!! Eggplant was correct!? That was a good guess!
    I think I heard of jackfruit once before.

    I wish I could try foods in Philippines someday.

  16. Hi merce-san,

    Yes. It was a special trip. The weather was very nice, so I think the day was perfect for us ;) But I need to make sure whether that was real or not... Ha-ha!

  17. Maybe you can try,the dried one.
    during my next visit,i will try to bring for you as omiyage.
    but,if i will not forget.hehehe!

    Your so funny...Not sure!really?
    I wish a million times,that he is really serious.

  18. Ohayo merce-san,

    Thanks! You don't have to be that kind. Maybe you can tell me a good Philippines restaurant in Japan ;) Do you know any in Tokyo?

    Yes. Me, too.
    I hope he was really serious...
    I'm looking for a chance to make sure, but we are too busy every day X(

  19. Congrats Ochikeron! Nice post you have here! Love your recipes' youtube channel

  20. Congrats Ochikeron! Nice post you have here! Love your recipes' youtube channel


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