Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chasen Nasu

Hello! We have clear blue autumn sky almost daily since the last storm on Sunday! I enjoy walking to the station because there is a cool breeze outside :)

However, I am drowsy all the time. Last night, I couldn't stay up to finish my diary. Also, this morning, I couldn't wake up on time! It's too early to hole up...

Anyway, today I want to write about a traditional way to cut eggplant. Why I write this is because I want to translate my eggplant recipe which requires this preparation procedure ;)

The procedure is called "Chasen Nasu".
Nasu is eggplant. Chasen is a bamboo whisk for traditional Japanese tea ceremony called "sado". It is so named because they look similar.

The image on the left shows the directions.
1. Use small eggplant. Put knife at the stem end, turn around, and make an incision around the stem end. 
2. Remove the stem part by hand.  
3. Make thin lengthwise cuts in eggplant.
* Pictures are from tepore.

By the way, there are many other traditional ways to cut and peel ingredients in Japanese cooking! This site shows some examples.

I heard of vegetable surcharge the other day, but still not seeing the effect on the prices. We can still purchase 5 large eggplants (when in season) for 100yen (approx. $1)! Hope things won't get worse all of a sudden...

Today, the gym is closed, so I am thinking of going out for a dinner with my boyfriend! Believe it or not, I go to the gym every day for an hour!!!

You all have a nice evening, too :)

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  1. Hi Ochi San!i want to say,thank you for the comments.
    foods in my blogs are from japan.
    those foods are the list,that we want to eat during our vacation in japan.

    i'm sorry my english is not good.and also i can't speak nihongo.
    your food preparation is great!

  2. Hi Ochi

    First time I saw how people cut the eggplant.You know,some people here called eggplant,brinjal.You heard before?

    Normally,if i cook eggplant i will just cut it into half and make it slices.A bad way of cutting.

    Thanks for showing the real way of cutting it.

  3. Hello Ochi,

    Are your eggplant small ones, they look small? We planted some, but they did not grow. I love eggplant adds a different flavor to dishes. Our egg plant here around 8-10 inches long! I usually peel mine, and soak in warm water to remove some of the acid!

    You're very tolerant to go to gym everyday. You will stay in good shape for your man, he will love you forever! :)

  4. Hello Daba!

    Your photos looked delicious :)
    Are you coming to Japan soon?
    I thought you've already been here before!

    I think your English is fine. It's me, I need to improve :(

  5. Hi jose!

    No. I never heard of brinjal. But yes, I just found it on wiki! Very interesting. Do you call it like that more often?

    I think cutting into slices is good!!! I mean perfect!!! "Chasen Nasu" is just an example of Japanese traditional way of cutting it. It is NOT the only way ;)

  6. Ohayo jo!

    Yes. The eggplant on this image is too small. Usually it is about 5-6 inches long. For my recipe (which I am going to translate soon) I used 5-inch ones. 8-10 inches are really big! But I remember I saw such big ones in NY ;)

    >>he will love you forever
    I hope so. I am a very selfish person (not to someone new but to my boyfriend) and it is very difficult to change my character, so I hope this change will help us keep together!

    On weekends, we go to the gym together! I think it is better than dating at cafe eating fatty foods!

  7. Hello Ochi San.
    Next year,we are going to visit japan again.because,
    last months just arrived here in davao city.

    I love reading your blog!

    Thanks for sharing...

  8. Hello daba!

    So, you mean you moved to davao city?

    Hope you can enjoy Japan ;) Ask me whatever you want to know about Japan (only Tokyo though)!

  9. Keep up the good recipe and demonstrations !


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