Monday, December 22, 2008

B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful

Hi! It was very warm yesterday and today as well! The high is 66F (19C)!!! But the temp will drop down to high 48F (9C) tomorrow :(

Yesterday, my sister gave me a lip gloss and an eyeshadow brush for my birthday present. She brought to my home because we don't see each other that often. Maybe I haven't seen her since this spring!!! I like the brand name: B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful. They are from London. She told me that they are now popular in Japan and many fashion magazines feature them. I love glittering stuff, so they are my taste! Thanks!!!

Well, speaking of the professional bathroom cleaning, it was great! Now our bathroom is almost brand new. No mold or water stain! My boyfriend was surprised, too, because last year he spent half a day to clean the bathroom, and so do I the year before! Thanks for the professional, he cleaned it in 2 hours!!!

Tonight, we have a company year-end party again. I wish I could skip it... too boring, to tell the truth!

Then, tomorrow is a holiday (The Emperor's Birthday). Yay! I'm gonna have my hair cut (just a little bit), maybe for the first time in 5 months.
Yes. Never too busy to be beautiful! Ha-ha!!!

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  1. Kombanwa Ochisan.
    How's your day?

    My post is not a wedding chapel,we called church.
    we have chapels here,but just to pray.
    and wedding time,we used church.and we called"church wedding".

  2. Your bathroom is very clean,and your gift is very cute.

  3. Thanks for the comments!
    Yes,davao city has a japanese restaurant,but not so many.
    and inato means"itsu mo-no-gohan"but in my bisaya dialect.

  4. Hi Ochi,

    The gifts from your sister were so nice and stylish.I'm too into somethings glittering and bling..You got a great sister.

    Your bathroom seem so clean.Have a happy holiday tomorrow..

  5. Ohayo merce-san,

    Oh gosh! You know what!? My day was too bad yesterday!!!
    It was very hot in the morning that I sweated through my brand new dress :( Then it was very cold, raining, and windy at night that my boots got wet... Unfortunately, I didn't win anything at the party game... Fortune-telling in the mornin was the best, though...

    Anyway, I didn't know the difference between church and chapel!!! Thanks, merce!!!

    >>inato means"itsu mo-no-gohan"
    I couldn't guess that! Thanks!!!

  6. Hi jose,

    I know you like bling-bling stuff ;) I once saw your bling-bling photo! That was cool!!! I hope you can find this brand in your country. Maybe in Singapore!!! They are stylish, right?!

    Now I am leaving for the haircut. I hope I like my new hairstyle...

  7. Actually same,but size is different.
    Anyway,it's not your day yesterday...sad to hear from you.

  8. Here in philippines,christmas is a big celebration of the year.
    people are very busy,preparing for parties,office parties,homes,schools, group of friends,everybody love to celebrate.

  9. Good morning Ochisan!
    Cakes in our country is very sweet,maybe you don't like.
    but,i loved to eat japanese cake,because,not so sweet and creamy.

  10. Hi Ochi,

    Your Bathroom is nice and clean. My tub and sink and toilet same color almost as yours! When we get our new carpet, I'll take a photo of mine for you, it's huge. Everyone always says it's big enough to dance in! I have in done with purple accents.

    Yes you must spend lots of time to be beautiful, and to feel beautiful! :)

  11. Hello merce-san,

    Thanks for your replies!
    I hope you have a good time on Christmas!!!
    Please post photos if you take some!
    Speaking of cakes, you have Japanese sense of taste ;)

  12. Konnichiwa jo,

    Your bathroom sounds gorgeous!
    Yes yes yes! Please show me yours when you take a photo!!!
    I wish I could have a huge one like yours!!!

    By the way, I can imagine your kitchen is huge as well, right?!
    I envy you!!!!!


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