Wednesday, December 24, 2008

BBQ Chicken - Korea's No.1 Chicken Restaurant

New Year holidays are coming in 3 more days! I can't wait!!!

Yesterday we had lunch at BBQ Chicken - Korea's No.1 Chicken Restaurant. They are located very close to our home, but we haven't been there ever since they opened in May this year! We had grilled salmon sandwich, fried chicken and avocado sandwich, crispy fried chicken, and soy sauce based fried chicken! They were all great ;) They sumptuously fry them with olive oil, so all the fries weren't greasy!!! I found that there are some branches in the US and Singapore, too. Hope you can find one in your area.

After lunch, we cleaned our house a little bit. I think we need 2 more days to clean. As always, I couldn't throw away that much...

I wrote to merce's reply, but I was out of luck at the company year-end party on Monday. It was very hot in the morning that I sweated through my brand new dress. Then the temp dropped and it got very cold with wind and rain at night that my boots got wet. Unfortunately, I didn't win anything at the party game... The stars were in my favor, though :( I took some pics with my cell. This is how the party looks like. Boring, right? Ha-ha!!!

I can't say it loud, but this year we aren't doing anything for Christmas... My boyfriend is busy and I just came back from the gym! But I got pretty cool Gucci tie for him at the outlet store near station. Also, I bought some Christmas food items which were at a discount of half-price. No cake to save calories! Last minute but better than nothing, right?

This December is so busy that I couldn't write anything about my Christmas recipe... Maybe tomorrow, I will list what I made recently for Christmas!!!

Oh no... I think I am unlucky with money today... I received back my flu shot refund document because there was a flaw. Also, I need to pay for annual adjustment. I never had a minus adjustment!!!

Snap out of it! Enjoy the eve ;)

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  1. Kombanwa Ochisan!
    I'm sorry,but japanese party your right...boring!
    and speaking of food,that avocado sandwich,sounds's my first time to hear that kind of sandwich.

    Merry Christmas!

    My post last time,is not my house.thats my relativeshouse.

  2. Hi merce-san,

    Haven't you tried any sandwich with avocado?! It is really good ;) I am sure you can find something like this in your country.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas party!!!

  3. Hi Ochi,

    We don't have BBQ chicken here in my area. Sounds good to fry in olive oil, I use canola oil. Olive oil is out of my price range!

    I have to clean my house too, seems no matter how I try I fall behind in my chores!

    I'm sure you'll correct your minus adjustment. :)

  4. Hi jo,

    I totally agree with you. Olive oil is pricy. So I think it is worth the money to eat that fried chickens ;)

    My new year's cards are not ready... I really need to finish up my cleaning soon...


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