Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sakura Season...

Sakura was almost in full bloom yesterday. (These pics are from yesterday.) Today, the high is 64F (18C), so I hope all buds open up!

Anyway, I attended my grandpa's funeral in Shiga the other day. He died at age of 94. He lived a full life! Since he was a monk, his ceremony was held at his temple, Konnenji (the temple is famous for 600-year-old pine tree). More than 13 monks came and recited a sutra. It was a gorgeous ceremony!

During his life, I remember he was very close to grandma. He commuted everyday to see her when she was hospitalized. When they were young, they enjoyed traveling around different places every year. They were always together! I still can't believe he is gone. My grandma should be sad... the time is surely passing...

While I was very saddened, my smallest sister (I don't know whether I wrote this before or not, but she is mentally deficient) told me that our grandpa is always in our heart. He is not dead! She was so sweet... I thought I need to live long for him!!!

It was freezing cold in Shiga, but sakura there was nice, too. It was his dream to die under sakura trees. He should be happy! May he rest in peace.

The image on the right is the food we had on the last day. We were all busy preparing for the ceremony but we had a good time with our relatives!

I am going to the gym now since it remodeled on April 1st! This is why I am early this morning ;) Also, today is my boyfriend's birthday, so I have a plan this afternoon! Getting busy now!!! See you again :)

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