Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yuba and Tofu Restaurant

Hello! The high today is 73F (23C)! The forecast predicts 6 more clear days in a row! Wow!!! Golden Week holidays should be great to have an outing! I don't have that many plans, though...
This morning, the train was packed to the gills as usual. I thought people will take days off from today but they didn't. Maybe because of the recession?!

Anyway, yesterday was a holiday (Showa Day), so my boyfriend and I had a dinner in Ginza. We used to go to the same restaurant nearby, but now we try to go to a new restaurant to keep our romance :)

We went to a Yuba and Tofu restaurant called Umenohana this time! Yuba is tofu skin. It is a Chinese and Japanese food product made from soybeans. During the boiling of soy milk, in an open shallow pan, a film or skin composed primarily of a soy protein-lipid complex forms on the liquid surface. I love Yuba and Tofu since they are nutritious and healthy, especially for women ;) They have many Yuba and Tofu dishes, all comes in small portions, so we ordered 8 dishes and shared: yuba shumai, tofu shumai, deep fried yuba, bean curd refuse croquette, tofu salad, yuba gratin, mochifu (mochi-like tofu), and soy milk shabu-shabu! They also have sake, served in a small glass teapot. Isn't it nice?!
I will recommend this restaurant for those who love Yuba and Tofu!

Speaking of the eyelash extensions I had yesterday, I should have done 40 each... I limited to 30 and bought a mascara that you can wear over the extensions, but it lacks volume... hmm... maybe next time I will do 40 each!

Tonight, I am going to take a Hula class at the gym. Have you ever danced the Hula before?! I haven't... but it's for free at the gym, so why don't I try it for a change?!

Tomorrow, after work, my boyfriend and I are going to stay a night at a hotel in Odaiba! I booked a SPA for two, too!!! I also reserved a two-day and one-night tour to Yamagata on 5/15, which was really cheap: $80 per person using mileage. The tour includes round trip flight to Yamagata, hotel, and 2 meals (all-you-can-eat sukiyaki and breakfast). Am I spending too much money for my recreation?!... I hope I am not doing the wrong thing...

I will take my camera with me and will post some pics when I returned.
Have a good one!!!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    We went out to a Japanese restaurant tonight. I had seafood teriyaki! I don't like the sweet sauce they put on it, next time I skip it. I just like plain kikoman soysauce!

    Seems you and your boyfriend are enjoying different outings, how wonderful for you! Recreation time together is the best thing for you both!

    Can you tell me in your previous post how tofu is good for women! Can you still wash your face with eyelash extentions? Learning to Hula sounds fun, I'm sure your boyfriend will like that dance.

  2. Hello jo,

    How nice you've been to a Japanese restaurant!!! Was the sauce too sweet?! I want you to try sweet sauce in Japan!!! It is not that sweet here ;)

    I'm glad you said my decision for outings aren't wrong! I am not a playgirl, so I just wasn't sure weather I am doing the right thing...

    Not only tofu but soy products that include "Soy Isoflavone" is said to improve our aged skin and hair! It works much like female hormones, so by eating any soy products, you can stay young longer ;)

    >>Can you still wash your face with eyelash extentions?
    It is funny but I need to pour water over my face to wash! So, whenever I want to wash my face, I take a shower!!!

    I can't match the sexiness of nazarina's pole dance, though. Did you know she dances it?!

  3. Hello, Ochikeron-san.

    How are you? It's rain in Northern California.

    I love "Ume no hana" too!!! I went to "Ume...", when I was in Japan in March this year. Especially, I love "mineoka-dofu". I will go back to "Ume no hana" again. : )


  4. Hi Mimi-san,

    Wow! You know the restaurant?! You've been there quite recently! Great ;)

    I hope we had "mineoka-dofu" there... I'm not sure. Hmm.

    Please be careful of the flu, anyway! Masks are having good sales now in Japan!

  5. Hi Ochikeron-san:

    Thank you for your kindness.

    Mineoka-dofu looks like little tiny tiny tofu (1" x 1"). It's made by soy-milk, heavey cream, and gelatin. It almost tasted like soft Cream cheese. : ) I think you can buy "Mineoka-dofu" online also.

    Take care!

  6. Thanks Mimi,

    I think we missed it since it is a dessert!!! (My boyfriend doesn't like sweet stuff) Oh boy... maybe the next time I'll try it out!!!

    Might be good for mother's day gift :)


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