Monday, May 11, 2009

My Kit Kat Recipes on the Package!!!

Today, two of my recipes using Kit Kat were posted at Cookpad's website and Kit Kat's website.

Like I wrote before, Nestle Japan produces the Kit Kat in many unique flavors for a limited time only. On 5/11, "Apple Vinegar" and "Mini Lemon Vinegar" were newly released! Before the release date, I was asked to create some cold sweet treats recipes using their new products. To tell the truth, while I was working on this project, I realized that I was using my camera wrongly... I wrote about this before. I will never forget about this shocking stuff... Anyway, I am glad that I successfully completed the project. Whew...

Besides the websites, my recipes are printed on the package, point-of-purchase ad, and panel for the distribution! I need to look for them at the stores ;)

The image on the left is Apple Vinegar KitKat Mousse and the image on the right is Healthy Lemon Vinegar KitKat Chunk Banana Ice Cream that I created for this project.

Anyway, summer is just around the corner! Yesterday, the high was 82F (28C) and today was 78F (26C).

Since I went to work during the Golden Week holidays, today I took a day off and attended the hula class again! It is sometimes nice to take a day off when everyone is working ;)

Bye for now!

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