Monday, May 11, 2009

My Kit Kat Recipes on the Package!!!

Today, two of my recipes using Kit Kat were posted at Cookpad's website and Kit Kat's website.

Like I wrote before, Nestle Japan produces the Kit Kat in many unique flavors for a limited time only. On 5/11, "Apple Vinegar" and "Mini Lemon Vinegar" were newly released! Before the release date, I was asked to create some cold sweet treats recipes using their new products. To tell the truth, while I was working on this project, I realized that I was using my camera wrongly... I wrote about this before. I will never forget about this shocking stuff... Anyway, I am glad that I successfully completed the project. Whew...

Besides the websites, my recipes are printed on the package, point-of-purchase ad, and panel for the distribution! I need to look for them at the stores ;)

The image on the left is Apple Vinegar KitKat Mousse and the image on the right is Healthy Lemon Vinegar KitKat Chunk Banana Ice Cream that I created for this project.

Anyway, summer is just around the corner! Yesterday, the high was 82F (28C) and today was 78F (26C).

Since I went to work during the Golden Week holidays, today I took a day off and attended the hula class again! It is sometimes nice to take a day off when everyone is working ;)

Bye for now!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Congrads on your recipes being chosen! Did you receive anything! Cool you're recipe right on the package! You have to keep and frame it! Do they taste good, such a different combination! We only have the chocolate ones here, and my husband and daughter just love them!

  2. Konnichiwa ochisan.

    You made us happy also,in all your achievements in life.

    Anyway,today also i will ask my husband to have a day off.

  3. Thanks jo,

    Nope! Nothing special. Ha-ha!

    I don't know why they put vinegar in them, but they weren't bad! But like you say, I like the regular chocolate ones the best ;)

  4. Hi merce-san,

    Thank you!

    Good for you!!!
    What are you going to do today?!

  5. Goodmorning!

    Ur' welcome...
    I'm sorry for my late reply.

    Yesterday,i'm planning to buy a new dress,for my sunday mass in our church.

    Anyway,my second picture in my post,about that sign for the blind people.

  6. Ohayo merce-san,

    So... did you get a new dress?!

    I look forward to seeing other pictures ;)

  7. Hi merce-san,

    You see things more carefully than I do ;)

  8. o--

    i like chunk banana one
    you made muuuse with tofu and kitkat
    Cool !

  9. Thanks Tetsuyuki!

    You've got an account here! I didn't know that!!!


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