Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yokohama Cheesecake

How often does your honey get you sweets?!

My boyfriend doesn't like sweet stuff, so he seldom gets one. But last week, he had a cake box in his hand! Wow!!! There were two pieces of cheesecake in it. One was plain and one was citrus tamurana hort (kind of orange). They weren't sugary at all but rich and creamy. They were his taste ;) You can easily eat them after meal. Yummy!

The name of the store is Gateau Yokohama!
If you scroll down the page, you will see their publication history. They should be popular!

Anyway, sorry everyone. I am doing okay with my boyfriend. We (I!?) just have ups and downs. You know...

It is raining since Tuesday. The rain will continue until Friday. I hope the rain washes away the flu germs!

I have hula class again tonight! I can't wait to attend it!!! It is funny that 45 min class was long when I was a student, but now it is like a second. Ha-ha!


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