Monday, June 8, 2009

6th Anniversary!

June 7th was the 6th anniversary since my boyfriend and I had met. Being blessed with fine weather, we had a really good time!

Early in the afternoon, I had a plan to go to an audition (for a talk show), so I went to hair salon to have my hair set. Then in the evening, I made plans with my boyfriend to have dinner.

He took me to the restaurant called "The Restaurant Sky" in Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza.

The Restaurant Sky is an Italian restaurant offering cuisine created with fresh, seasonal organic vegetables. The restaurant is located on the 16th floor. We had a prix fixe dinner while enjoying the fantastic night view of Tokyo.

There are 7 appetizers, 5 pastas and 6 main dishes in which we may choose our 3 favorite dishes to compose our dinner. For a big eater, you may choose all 3 dishes from main dishes, which is cool! We selected 6 different dishes to share ;)

I will list what we had (from left to right, top to bottom):
- Mushroom Soup
- Homemade Bread
- Choice 1: Prawn & Avocado / Shrimp, avocado, asparagus and salsa verde
- Choice 2: Tuna Mille-Feuille / Tuna, eggplant and saffron mayonnaise
- Special Vegetable Plate
- Choice 3: "Hinai" Chicken / Roasted chicken stuffed with spring vegetables risotto, pommery mustard sauce
- Choice 4: Today's Pasta / Chicken cheese cream penne
- Choice 5: Today's Main Dish / Anago (conger eel) meuniere
- Choice 6: Lamb / Roasted lamb, chick peas and lentils soup

For dessert, my boyfriend ordered me a special dessert plate and gave me a rose :) I thought we cannot complete the dessert since we were full, but surprisingly, those sweets weren't that sweet, so we could eat them all at once!

I was worried about the bill, so I threw a quick look at it and found it wasn't that expensive! I asked my boyfriend why and he said he used a coupon! He is cool ;) I don't want him to spend way too much ;)

That's all for yesterday!

Fresh LOVE forever :)

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  1. Ami-chan no KARESHI, SUTEKIsugiru..



  2. Hi Ochi,

    Happy 6th Anniversarry.

    You must be very happy,6 years really not easy for a relationship but you proved that love still exist even this long.

    You two really ate a lots,I mean 6 dishes..

    Your boyfriend was a romantic guy,he sent you roses!!

    Hope you two will be happy forever!!

  3. Congratulations!

    Woww!six years...
    i'm so happy to for you,it's not easy to handled that kind of relationship.
    but,you made it!

    anyway,your so pretty in your picture.
    hope to see you again,this coming november.

    Congratulations again!

  4. Kazue-chan!

    How are you doing?!?!

    I think you know more than me, but it is not easy to keep the romance alive. 3rd and 4th year, we were pretty much settled. I realized it after 5 years and thought we want to be lovers forever (not a family)! Now I love him more than I used to... He says his love doesn't change since he met me, though... Hontokana...

    Anyway, we are trying to be SUTEKI forever ;) Thanks!!!

  5. Hi jose,

    6 dishes, we shared, so don't worry! They were very small in portion, so not that lot ;)

    I hope we can be happy forever! And you two, too!!!

    Oh, I just remembered again! What was your something...?!

  6. Arigato merce-san,

    It is nice to have hair done, right?!

    Are you coming again in November!? How nice ;)

    I hope to see you again then!!!

  7. Yes,we are coming to japan this november,for my husband's live,and for the wedding of his cousin.

    I hope sooo...

  8. Merce-san,

    Your hubby is getting famous ;)

    I hope you have a good time again!
    Lot to eat, right?! Ha-ha ;)

  9. Congrats!

    We just had our 10th anniversary on May 30th as well. Time flies, er?

    It looks like we are finally sealing the deal- Ted is going to see my parents and ask for their permission to marry me!

    Exciting- but also worrisome...

    I look forward to seeing you and TJ in NY!

  10. Thank you Linda-san!

    10 years are long!!! But I am glad to hear this progress!!! Congratulations!!!
    Maybe I want to talk with you without TJ. Ha-ha-ha!!!

    It's not the time that makes a change... We need to make a change!

    But do you think there is a difference after the marriage?
    I still don't get it, so I don't understand why TJ is getting bugged about it!!!

    Anyway, stay healthy and happy forever!
    I will e-mail you again before we leave!!!

  11. Ochi,

    Regarding about that 'something'..

    Erm..I decided to write in on your comment here.

    Actually I'm engaged!!! Hehe..surprise,right??I think you guess it right.

    Maybe you think engagement is a very small matter,why I don't want to write in my blog??

    Because my blog is open to everyone,so everyone will knew it.I don't mean to keep it from blogger's friends,just I don't want someone know about this.My family definetly knew this,just someone I don't like.

    I hope you can understand..but I will show you the photo when the time allow.

  12. Congratulations jose!!!

    Oh... I thought you are pregnant!
    My guess was way too far, but I was close! Ha-ha!!!

    I understand you about your friends!

    So, when is your wedding?!

    You went ahead of me ;)

  13. Ochi,

    I'm not pregnant!! Hehe..So,you guess wrongly..

    Anyway,happy to tell you how I felt.

    Wedding will not be that fast,we still need to save money for that.

    Actually,engaged life ain't different from dating life.Everything still the same.

    Thanks Ochi..for sharing my thoughts.

  14. Hihi,

    Congrats on your 6th year anniversary! Being a couple can be hard work sometimes.
    How did your audition go? Hope it went awesome.
    Again, very happy for you!


  15. Hi jose,

    Congratulations again!!!
    I was reading your post for about a year and seeing your relationship with him, so I am very happy to know this!!!

    Oops, there is no progress in our relationships, though... Ha-ha ;)

    Anyway, take care and be nice to him always!!!

  16. Hello Jenn,

    Honestly, it is hard work, but I just don't want to be too settled, you know.
    The result for the audition will arrive within 2 months. However, it is not that important! I just went there for fun plus inspiration ;)


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