Friday, June 5, 2009

Does the Voice Age?!

This is something interesting.

Sometimes, I feel I'm old when I bubble over or talk with young people and realize my tone of voice is low... Haven't you ever experienced this?

I just searched the internet and found that our voice also age!!!

Atrophy of vocal muscles causes aging!
To keep your voice young, we need to talk a lot with different people, using the voice properly by avoiding apneic voice production. Which means we need to excersize our vocal cords like we exercise our body! Also, stretching around the neck will prevent the atrophy of vocal muscles.

I knew that we can excercise muscles of facial expression to keep our face young, but not the voice!!!

We're expecting rain here until Sunday morning... I hope it really clears up by then, since we are going out for a dinner to celebrate our anniversary. I will write about it later ;)

See you next week!!!

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