Friday, June 26, 2009

My Accomplishments

Hi there! I haven't been listing my accomplishments for a while, so I will today ;)

On 5/21, I won the silver award at the nori(seaweed) recipe contest organized by Kagisho(seaweed company). I rolled bell peppers with nori and pork, which cross section looks like a kaleidoscope :)

On 5/22, I received a prize at MUJI's recipe contest. They asked for recipes using their stir-fried rice sauce products. I used bibimbap sauce and made healthy gratin cooked with tofu. The recipe is now available at stores ;) I found it displayed at the store in Shinjyuku.

On 5/25 my recipe won the special prize at the garlic contest held by the site called kenkokazoku: online shopping site of health food product. The prize winning recipe is "Stamina Stir-Fried Spinach and Peanuts". It was the second time I received the prize at this contest :)

On 6/3, my "Sunflower Tart" was introduced as the 2nd place in the newsletter published by The theme was flower. Thanks for selecting my recipe!

On 6/8, I received a few boxes of Kamada's dashi soy sauce products. It was in return for using my stir-fried pumpkin recipe on their summer brochure.

On 6/10, I won the lemon vinegar award at Kit Kat recipe contest organized by Cookpad. They asked for healthy and cold summer sweets recipes. I made "Healthy Kit Kat Rare Cheesecake" using yogurt and cottage cheese.

On 6/10, my prize winning Korean style rice omelet was posted on manufacturer(daesang)'s website.

On 6/15, I won the gold medal prize at Marudai's eco recipe contest organized by Cookpad. I made Potato and Sausage Galette, cooking potatoes with their skin, garnished with homemade grape tomatoes and basil.

On 6/18, I again won the Outstanding Performance Award at Asahi Food & Healthcare's diet recipe contest. I submitted my "Chinese Style Stir-Fried Freeze-Dried Bean Curd and Colorful Vegetables".

On 6/24, I won Nominakama Award at Gekkeikan's contest. Gekkeikan has been making and selling sake ever since their foundation in 1637 in Fushimi (Kyoto). My prize winning recipe is "Wasabi Dressed Pork Rolled Avocado and Tofu".

Yesterday, I received Koh Kentetsu's autographed recipe book with his photo! How nice!!! I asked him to sign for ochikeron ;) It was the prize for Reed Healthy-Cooking Paper recipe contest.

Then last but not least, I won some samples: bifidus supplement, water face powder, shiroae-no-moto, UV makeup base, medicated moisturizing lotion, additive-free red wine, premium detox tea, and 3 weeks placenta.

I am leaving for NY next week, so I will come back here again after 7/7!

See you guys then :D

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