Thursday, October 8, 2009

How Romantic Are You Quiz!

I found this quiz on jo's post. It tests how romance fits into your life! You can take the quiz here: What's Your RQ!

The quiz rates you between zero through four, four being over the top, and zero rating you the least romantic!

My results:

UBER ROMANTIC (and a little over the top even!)

To you, it's not love if it doesn't include all the trappings of a storybook romance. You think nothing of showering your partner with rose petals and Shakespearean sonnets and if it's not red, pink or heart-patterned, you're not interested!

Romantic Recommendation: Take time to remember that romance can be shown in many ways, however. Not just through champagne and grand gestures. Connect with your partner on the everyday stuff like favorite TV shows and household responsibilities. A great foundation will help keep your romance burning like the logs in your eternally lit fireplace.

I will keep this romance forever but I know I'm sometimes too much, so I need to be careful!

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