Thursday, December 3, 2009

XEX Daikanyama - Bridal Fair

Last Saturday, after 3 weeks, we finally attended the bridal fair! It was our first time to attend such an event. The event is usually available for one couple at the time. Personal wedding planner will guide you through the place for the wedding.

I love to cook, so I chose to see a restaurant ceremonial hall. XEX Daikanyama is a restaurant with an open kitchen! You can talk to cooks freely, so you can feel at home knowing what you are eating and enjoy!

On this day, there was a pizza event. Actually, I wasn't that interested in cooking pizza during the tour, but it was fun! He-he :D My darling made pizza dough. I made toppings. Then my darling placed it in the oven! Wow! In a huge oven (which is about 572F/300C), our pizza was done in a minute !!! Can you believe it?! It usually takes about 15 minutes by range oven at home.

I thought it is one of the good ways to entertain people in the party :D

After the tour, we had a dinner there! We tried their long arm shrimp pasta with american sauce and grilled chicken! Both were delicious!!! We enjoyed them along with a glass of wine :) I appreciate my darling for going to the tour together. I know he hates this kind!

Anyway, I will report about the next tour when we get a chance to go!

Hula tonight! Bye for now!

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