Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Amazon Kindle

Last month, I did many things in the last minute and couldn't able to complete some of my tasks, so this month I will "act at once"! Consequently, I'm running out of time to write about our restaurant tour, so I will write about my darling instead ;)

Do you know Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle is a software and hardware platform developed by subsidiary Lab126 for rendering and displaying e-books and other digital media.

My darling loves to read books, and now he's reading English books for his study, so recently he purchased Kindle! It just started to support Japan to access the book contents. Still can't read Japanese books, though. Anyway, he is reading Kindle all day long like playing video games! Ha-ha!!! Good for him ;)

This is all for today!

BTW, I just read recipe books :P

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  1. Ochi,

    I miss lots of your posts..I will catch up soon.

    I will never read those book.For me,it just too boring..For Ken,he love photography and business books.

    Well,everyone had different taste and interest.Your hubby looked smart in his tie..

  2. Hi jose,

    I know what you mean! You also need time to write your own post, so please come here when you have additional time ;)

    I will tell him that you said so. He will be happy. He-he!!!


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