Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Have you already seen the movie AVATAR?!

My darling and I finally saw it on Saturday (in 3D again)! Actually, he was waiting to see it for a long time but we just didn't have a chance. The movie was interesting. I first thought 3 hours are long but it wasn't!

For me, the story was like Princess Mononoke. God of the nature helping the hero at last... What was interesting is that Avatar Program is like a RPG game (role-playing game). It enables people to link with their own Avatar while they close eyes (sleep?!), then train and fight... There is a romance, too. I guess guys love this sort of movies. My darling loved it and he said he wants to see it again.

BTW, try this Avatarize Yourself... If you saw AVATAR, this is super funny!!! I couldn't help laughing!!! I will suggest you not to try it at work! Ha-ha-ha!!!

Anyway, how was your weekend?! Mine was really fast. I can't believe it is already mid January. Time flies...

See you again :D

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