Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Damn Perfectionist...

Yesterday, I realized that I was cooking my best in the other direction. I sometimes misunderstand things when not explained clearly. Am I offbeat?!

I love to create things but I'm currently under huge pressure... I think I need to stop everything, relax, and start it over again X(

I just had a "good luck shrimp tempura udon" at Ajinomingei yesterday, but here comes this result... I hope good luck comes after the bad one!

Okay!!! I'm gonna replan everything for January this afternoon.

Jo knows... perfectionist is not easy!

Good luck to me!!!

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  1. Thanks anGeLine,

    I think it is a good chance to reset myself!

  2. I know Ochi, sometimes it's best to step back and rest! I do this all the time, when I drop something I get mad at myself. I wish to be perfect, but most humans are not! I guess we can only strive to be perfectionists!

    I think at times I do not take direction well, and wish to take my own direction which can be a problem for those in charge! I'm sending good luck your way! :)

  3. Thanks jo,

    I am feeling better today. I didn't go to the GYM and slept little longer last night!

    I wish I could give up than strive, but I can't. Ha-ha! You know!!!

    Or, maybe I need to be strong enough to go in my way!

    I will do my best!!!


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