Friday, January 22, 2010

My Accomplishments

Wow! Time flies! Before I forget, I will list my accomplishments for December.

On 12/3, my miso fried chicken won the prize at fundodai's recipe contest using their seasoning products. They nicely introduced my recipe on their site :D

On 12/4, my tea leaves baked potatoes won the highest prize at おぶぶ茶苑(obubuchaen) in Kyoto. I received many different kinds of Japanese teas as a prize! Great thanks!!!

On 12/7, my LOVE sushi won the February prize. I made it for Valentine's day ;)

On 12/7, my minced chicken simmered long yam awarded a grand prize! It was a contest using Kikkoman's soy sauce.

On 12/14, my Japanese style rolled cabbage nabe awarded the Asahi Off prize. Asahi Off is a healthy low-malt beer which reduced purines by 85% and carbohydrate by 70%!

On 12/14, my Buri Daikon (Japanese amberjack or yellowtail simmered with daikon) was introduced at Cookpad with P&G's Hi Wash Joy (dish soap).

On 12/14, my kelp steamed rice won the highest award at Asahi Food & Healthcare's diet recipe contest.

On 12/15, I received 10th photo report of my curry chicken fries.

On 12/20, my healthy yogurt soy mousse was printed on a recipe card of soy milk product called sugoidaizu.

On 12/20, I don't find the picture, but my beauty smoothie won outstanding performance award at Manbo Corporation's recipe contest. Their famous product is squid shumai. However, for my work I used their white sesame collagen pudding.

On 12/26, my pork and kimchi fried rice won the grand prize at Kyushu Asahi beer's recipe contest. I received 30,000yen ($300) travel coupons! I just took a snapshot of our quick dinner... so I didn't expect to win such a big prize! I think I was lucky!!!

On 12/31, my donut ring Christmas cake won the grand prize at Yodoran (iodine-enriched egg)'s contest. I received 20 egg coupons!

Also, I received many prizes for participation: creap recipe contest, Nagatsugawa recipe contest, nikka (whisky) recipe contest, cabbage recipe contest, kikkoman new year's food recipe contest, and Higashiharima healthy recipe contest. Plus, I won 2 dozens of Sukoyaka tea samples.

All for today!

Have a good weekend!!!

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