Friday, January 22, 2010

My Accomplishments

Wow! Time flies! Before I forget, I will list my accomplishments for December.

On 12/3, my miso fried chicken won the prize at fundodai's recipe contest using their seasoning products. They nicely introduced my recipe on their site :D

On 12/4, my tea leaves baked potatoes won the highest prize at おぶぶ茶苑(obubuchaen) in Kyoto. I received many different kinds of Japanese teas as a prize! Great thanks!!!

On 12/7, my LOVE sushi won the February prize. I made it for Valentine's day ;)

On 12/7, my minced chicken simmered long yam awarded a grand prize! It was a contest using Kikkoman's soy sauce.

On 12/14, my Japanese style rolled cabbage nabe awarded the Asahi Off prize. Asahi Off is a healthy low-malt beer which reduced purines by 85% and carbohydrate by 70%!

On 12/14, my Buri Daikon (Japanese amberjack or yellowtail simmered with daikon) was introduced at Cookpad with P&G's Hi Wash Joy (dish soap).

On 12/14, my kelp steamed rice won the highest award at Asahi Food & Healthcare's diet recipe contest.

On 12/15, I received 10th photo report of my curry chicken fries.

On 12/20, my healthy yogurt soy mousse was printed on a recipe card of soy milk product called sugoidaizu.

On 12/20, I don't find the picture, but my beauty smoothie won outstanding performance award at Manbo Corporation's recipe contest. Their famous product is squid shumai. However, for my work I used their white sesame collagen pudding.

On 12/26, my pork and kimchi fried rice won the grand prize at Kyushu Asahi beer's recipe contest. I received 30,000yen ($300) travel coupons! I just took a snapshot of our quick dinner... so I didn't expect to win such a big prize! I think I was lucky!!!

On 12/31, my donut ring Christmas cake won the grand prize at Yodoran (iodine-enriched egg)'s contest. I received 20 egg coupons!

Also, I received many prizes for participation: creap recipe contest, Nagatsugawa recipe contest, nikka (whisky) recipe contest, cabbage recipe contest, kikkoman new year's food recipe contest, and Higashiharima healthy recipe contest. Plus, I won 2 dozens of Sukoyaka tea samples.

All for today!

Have a good weekend!!!

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  1. all your food looks so delicious!!!


  2. Wow...Ochi..everything looked so delicious.I was greedy,hoping that you can share all the recipes with us.Can you?

  3. All cooked/baked by you? Wow, you are so cool! Talented! All of them looked super delicious!!!

    (Do share the recipes with josephinechoo so that she can make some for me...XD)

  4. Wonderful as usual Ochi, Congrads you totally deserve it! Both you and Nazarina can come cook for me anytime.

    I finally used my birthday gift certificate from last year this weekend to a new Japanese Steakhouse in our area! I was so amazed at the way the food was cooked in front of us on a huge grill, I had scallops and shrimp soooo good! Keep up your great creations!

  5. Congrats Ochi on all your accomplishments and prize winnings!

    So, when can you share your recipes in English?

    The potatoes with tea leaves look particularly interesting.....

    Can't wait to try!


  6. Hi sarah,

    You are from Hokkaido! Sounds cold there!!!
    I was going to follow your blog but it was currently undergoing scheduled maintenance.
    Maybe later ;)

  7. Hi jose,

    Thanks! Okay, I will translate some of them when I have time ;)

  8. Hi FJ,

    Thanks for stopping by! Yep, I cooked. I love to enter the contests.
    Right, jose can cook for you. He-he :D

  9. Hi Jo,

    Thanks! I wish I can cook something for you!!! Or, I want to take you to many places if you come to Japan someday! I am always thinking how I can tour my friends in Japan over a short amount of time. Maybe it is wise to use travel agency for city sightseeing and me for restaurants ;) Ha-ha!

    Great you went there!!! You are like me! I had scallops on Saturday, too :D Huge grill sounds exciting! I know grills there are larger than those in Japan!

  10. Hi Jenn,

    Thanks! I am hoping to share as many recipes as I can! Looking for time, though...

    Maybe I can translate the potatoes first :D

  11. will you please translate "curry chicken fries" recipe :)

  12. good request! sure, i will make a video of it someday ;)


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