Monday, January 25, 2010

Yakiniku @ Gyutetsu

Hi! How is the weather at your place?!

It was cold in Tokyo this weekend, so my darling and I went out to eat yakiniku to warm up by the grill. He-he :D

We've been to a restaurant called 牛鉄 (Gyutetsu) near the station. 牛鉄 means iron cow... funny if I translate. Ha-ha! We knew the place for a long time, but it was our first time to eat there! Their grilled chicken and scallop were delicious! They were salt flavored and you dip them into fresh lemon juice :D Yummy!!!

The average budget was 2,500yen ($25) per person, but we spent 3,000yen ($30)... Did we eat a lot?!

Anyway, I wore wig bangs on this day. Little bit weird, but it is okay for a change :P

Busy Monday! Bye for now!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    You looked like a Barbie doll!! Cute..

    Grill foods seem delicious for me too.Ken and I had not been eating outside for several weeks.Both of us were too busy.Normally we ate our own dinner. :(

  2. Thanks jose,

    How nice you said so.
    I changed my eyelashes to dolly ones, too, but it actually looked like a devil X(

    Really! That sounds super busy. Try to eat out once a week together! Like you, we don't eat together during the weekdays, so we try to eat together on the weekends!!!

  3. Ho ochi,
    I'm student, $25 for each person quite expensive for me. I always have a budget for myself.

  4. Hi anGeLine,

    Yes! You are right! I seldom went out to eat while I was a student!!!


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