Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nano Care EH-SA42

Nano Care EH-SA42 is Panasonic's latest beauty appliance, which was launched last November. You can use it over the makeup while at work (at your desk) or watching TV :D

Mostly, ionic steamers require you to fill them with water, but this product keeps your surroundings moist by collecting moisture in the air! Don't you think it's cool!? Thus, if you turn on this item, you won't suffer from dry skin throughout the day.

Last Christmas, I received it from santa (my darling) and set it on my desk at work ;) I sometimes felt lazy to go to work, but now, if I think I'm going to a spa everyday, I don't mind it at all. I'm at my desk almost 8 hours a day, so I think I'm fully taking an advantage of it! For those who don't want to go to work, I recommend you to set this item on your desk. Ha-ha!!!

Anyway, talking about the result, not a drastic change, but I think it keeps my skin moisturized! Better than nothing, right?!

Let's spend our time wisely ;D

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  1. Wow..the design looked unique and I love the way it functioning.I wish to get one too..but not sure whether SG selling this already or not.

    By the way,FJ is my youngest sister.Currently she is studying in her foundation before heading to Australia.

  2. Hi jose,

    I believe it will be (or it is) available at your place, too! You can look for it at electric appliance shops :D

    I just followed FJ ;) How nice your sisters keep in touch!

  3. Oh hi ochikeron... :)

    Thanks for following. And that beauty appliance is so cool! Bet it's quite pricey too. Is it?

  4. Hi FJ,

    Thanks! Great to talk to you!!!

    It is about $100 (370RM). If I think of using it everyday, it is of considerable value :D


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