Monday, February 22, 2010


I loved to play Barbie when I was small. What my sis and I had were Jenny dolls. We wanted Licca, but somehow all dolls were Jenny because our Santa (my dad) couldn't tell the difference between two... Ha-ha. A big difference between them is the height. Licca is smaller than Jenny. Why can't he get Licca!!!!!!! Anyway, now Jenny is discontinued, so I'm glad that we played with her!

Once in a while, I played with Barbie dolls at my friend's house. My friend was German, so her doll was a real Barbie! Don't you think Japanese Barbie dolls (Jenny and Licca) have Japanese face!?

On Saturday, my darling and I went to a different salon to try on wedding dresses again! Don't laugh! Just for fun, I tried on a Barbie dress :D BTW, here we found really nice dress and tuxedo for New York photo wedding at a great rental value! We made a snap decision! Also, all dresses were my taste, so I enjoyed playing dress-up! Amazingly, the lady who assisted my fitting used to live in Harrison (New York), where I used to live!!! What a small world!!!

Busy Monday! Talk to you later!!!

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