Tuesday, February 16, 2010


INVICTUS means "unconquered" in Latin.

My darling and I watched the movie on Saturday. It's a movie directed by Clint Eastwood. The movie is based on an actual story of Nelson Mandela (President of South Africa in 1995). His one strong hope for Springboks (a rugby team) changed the world for real!

I didn't know the rules of rugby, but the game was really cool ;)

Did you watch it already?!

BTW, I added a new label called "Movies" to my blog! It is linked to the side bar as well!

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  1. Ochi,

    I never watch this movie before but rugby seem nice..maybe will watch after I back SG..

    I will go Kuala Lumpur on 20th and only will back SG on 22nd.

  2. ahhh! i've been wanting to watch even before it was released! i dont know too much about the storyline but really.. anything by clint eastwood is bound to be good!

  3. Hi jose,

    Do you know the rules of rugby?!
    You have 4 more days! Enjoy!!!

  4. Hi Kym,

    If you like the director, then you would love this movie :D


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