Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Preserved Flower Arrangement from Miho

On Valentine's day, my high school friend Miho sent me a beautiful handmade preserved flower arrangement as a wedding present (I received it yesterday since I couldn't make time to receive it from the deliverer). She said she chose these colors for me :D What a perfect choice!!! I really like this fuchsia pink color, you know!

Preserved flower is made of real flower. It is fresh and soft like a real flower, and lasts for about 3 years, depending on the condition.

Thanks a lot for this surprise!
It made my day super happy ;)

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  1. they are absolutely beautiful! i love the colors!

  2. They are gorgeous Ochi! This would make a beautiful wedding bouquet!

  3. Hi Kym,

    Thanks! I'm glad you understand my taste :D

  4. Hi Jo,

    That's what I thought, too!

  5. Lovely flowers!!!

    Your friend was really nice.

  6. Thanks jose,

    I just replied to all your comments :D
    You are one of my really nice friends!!!!!!!


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